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  1. BMW 7 Series: Mastery of Excellence

BMW 7 Series: Mastery of Excellence

08th November 2017
BMW 7 Series: Mastery of Excellence

A historic and a remarkable moment as the yesteryear’s books of car designs have been redefined by the innovative Bavarians in their Research and Development headquarters.

The fruits of sheer hard work and enthusiasm have surely been realized now.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

A true icon in the making, which is a sheer epitome of athleticism and grandeur together with embarking on a new eventful journey for the typical BMW styling cues. Make a heartfelt welcome as the red cover unveils on the most deserving and inspiring flagship sedans from the land of Bavaria that is here to set the hearts ruling, the BMW 7 Series.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

Your eyes don’t have an option but to stare unwaveringly at the masterpiece that mesmerizes you no end with its unblemished and flawless architecture which is sure to cement a long term bonding.

It is not far from being the special and distinguished family member that makes it presence felt whenever the shutter to the parking lot is opened with full enthusiasm. Of course, as the old age practice goes of giving a pet name to the most favorite person in the household, even the BMW is looked upon with the same love and affection.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series is an ideal soulful companion in the making that replicates your exuberant personality undeniably. Well who can challenge the illustrious history records!

They are a staunch proof of the many renowned classic BMWs finding permanent spots in the exotic garages of ardent brand lovers. And the love truly flows down with every successive generation.

A car that was born to be in a league of its own, the 7 Series is a special choice for the ambitious which beckons you to be class apart while making a statement.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

The captivating looks of the 7er are bound to make you go into raptures of ecstasy on several occasions while a mental connect with the familiar BMW interior guarantees the repetitive exhilarating feel.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

A prelude to the thrilling occasions, the plush cabin of the BMW readily instills the feeling of joy and pride within you.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

A golden chance to feel on top of the world as you acquaint yourself with the tech savvy, intuitive and progressive controls and gadgetry the 7 Series has to offer.

How well it understands you!

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

A perfect escape route from the every day’s drudgery and monotony!

It surely reveals that the stylish saloon is akin to a perfect stressbuster that has to be driven over and over again.

And the tantalizing phase is yet to begin!

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Seriessource - autotechreview

A diesel heart under the hood which has endless praises up its sleeve!

Joy truly is elevated to a whole new level with the blistering performance of the stonking straight six 3 Litre diesel motor, something which is more evident by facial expressions than compared to words.

258 PS of raw and brutal power and 560 Nm of torque!

source - you tube

These aren’t just plain numbers but figures that make a strong place for themselves in your mind for they always remind you of the intimidating and impending display of the eagerness and raring to go nature of the 730Ld on the tarmac.

Well the SPORT+ mode when engaged as a whole is a different ball game that hints at an enthusiastic fun racing and corner cutting abilities let loose on the run.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Seriessource - caricos

Take a bow for its exceptional and incredible body mannerisms and handling characteristics which surely ups the ante for the much awaited weekender drive.

Discover the untraveled roads as there is much more in store with the BMW 730Ld’s savage and ferocious performance to keep you enchanted.

Mastery of Excellence BMW 7 Series

At the end of the day, a rejuvenated feeling prevails on having spent some precious moments with the beast from Germany that transcends you to a new dimension altogether and makes way for the most satisfactory ownership experience of your lifetime.


BMW Series, BMW 7 Series

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