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  1. The Simple, The Tough and the Smooth of the Phaeton

The Simple, The Tough and the Smooth of the Phaeton

09th June 2016
 The Simple, The Tough and the Smooth of the Phaeton

Often you are close enough to purchasing a luxury car but not yet there. This is when you go ahead and buy a Phaeton. It is one of the best luxury cars in the market and isn't priced exorbitantly.

However, if you like your car to growl at full throttle, this is definitely not for you. Yet, if you like to zoom by quietly, this is your ride! If speed is your best companion, this is the vehicle for you. Its speed increases in no time and has a pick-up of around 5-6 seconds approximately. A supercar at budgeted price, Volkswagen Phaeton is the car that shares its platform with Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur.

Moreover, its system and the engine are well coordinated to give you an extremely comfortable and luxurious feel. While the car is technologically advanced, it is user friendly too. It doesn't really complicate matters as such. Yes, it makes some noises but all those noises are feeble and inaudible, not so hard to deal with.

So, to sum it up, your ride is going to have no bumps and no noise. Now, moving on to the comfort level in the interior of the car, which is very high. The dampeners keep the temperature regulated and you don't have to keep using and re-using them. While the car is extremely heavy, it doesn't really let you feel the weight on the drive.

The Paradigm Shift of Pressure

Car-interiors-with-clock Source:

You might not feel the weight but you do feel the pressure to keep an eye on the performance. It is slightly complicated for the driver and a shade uncomfortable as well. Thus, you will need some time to get used to it. The system while being easy and comfortable, is kind of new and hence, one will have to work his/her way around it.

Yes, the car is technologically advanced but maybe it's a bit too advanced. It gives way too many notifications, once that you might not even want. Now, it is hard to concentrate on the ride when you are being notified even by the minutest details about what's going on with your car.

Yet, one can't deny that there is no better backseat ride than on Phaeton. It gives you the ultimate experience of a backseat ride. It is amazing. The dream businessman that you see on TV can be achieved on the backseat of a Phaeton. To add to it, it is extremely spacious.

Luxury in your Pockets!

 a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Source:

Conclusively, the Phaeton does come across as a luxury car that costs far too less than its competitors. In fact, it works better than a whole bunch of them, though one may never be fully satisfied with the feel of the car, until its technological specifications are revealed. Here's to the stat obsessed!

So, the car is huge on tax and its first look is like that of any other car until you actually take it for a spin. Yes, it's a sedan. It has a 48 valve, 4-motion W-12 engine which is why the car functions as smoothly as it does. Yet, it is worth mentioning that the 12V is actually a combination of two 6Vs. With over 400bhp and a 366cu displacement in spite of its size, this beast has it going for itself.

Diesel-powered versions of the Chrysler 300C were only sold in European and Australian markets. The Chrysler 300C diesel came fitted with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class derived 3.0-litre V6 engine that has a rated power output of 215bhp @3800rpm and a peak torque of 510 N-m @1600rpm. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. For a diesel engine, performance is brisk too; the V6 diesel can propel the 300C from 0-100km/h in 7.9 seconds while the top speed is 230km/h.

It Fits Well But Will it Sit Well?

budget luxury sedan Source:

It is an automatic with 5 gears. Its fuel economy isn't really excellent, yet, if you wish to drive an in-budget luxury sedan, there are places where you must be willing to compromise. Nonetheless, other than a few extra expenses on the fuel, it is an amazing car.

The Phaeton suits both short as well as long rides once you have found your level of ease in it. Its name has a Greek mythology backdrop to it which adds to its charm and fascination. When it comes to design and structure, one may not say that Phaeton is the 'best' but it definitely deserves a 'better' tag. If you want that much space on the inside, then there isn't much else that you can do with it. Sadly though, the masses haven't taken fancy to this.

A major reason being that Volkswagen Phaeton is neither completely vintage in its looks nor is it fully modern. Somehow it looks out of place and can't be classified as a head turner. Yet, if one is willing to ignore the looks, the vehicle has a lot going for it. Maybe, we look a little closer?


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