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  1. Here comes the Monster again – Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG

Here comes the Monster again – Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG

23rd December 2015
Here comes the Monster again – Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG

Movies and cars have a lot in common. Some of them try to be as much realistic as possible, and shoot there scenes and put their characters in such situation that can happen to any of us in the real life. And then there are some sci-fi movies which specialize in the surreal, the out-of-proportion and the fantastic. In which usually a science experiment goes wrong and the boy-next-door becomes a Superhero or Supervillain.

This can happen to anybody, and by anybody I mean this can happen to Cars also. Now something like this happens in the in a town Affalterbach, located in Southern Germany, a home for AMG a Mercedes-Benz division, where they transform these Mercs into monsters. And once the metamorphosis is complete, they stick an AMG badge at the rear.

The company has been sending these monsters to India for quite a long time, like the G63, the E63, and the SLK55. It wasn't enough for them so they planned to bring something new, a beast already, with enough muscle to scare the daylights out of you. This is the GL63 AMG.

The handcrafted 'Heart' of this GL makes him a beast. The 5.5-litre engine, aided by two turbos, is tuned to make 557bhp – more power than it makes in any other tune; Power that has the ability to pull Boeing 747, true story. No matter what speed you are driving, you accelerate and it will shoot like a missile. If you throttle and keep it that way, then you'll reach 0-100Kmph in less than 5 seconds, a tuff competition to sports cars.

Apart from the gigantic V8 petrol engine the G63 also have few things that make life really easy like a seat massager and Active Park Assist and comfortable 7-seater. The interiors are same like the GL series, equipped with good features.

In all, the car is outstanding as per the power because having the capacity to pull an aircraft is something unimaginable. AMG have always satisfied us with their outstanding technology and ultimate features. And this one for sure will clear the ramp for its unmatchable performance.


Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG

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