Tips to Maintain your Audi's Heart Its Engine

Jan 07, 2021
Tips to Maintain your Audi's Heart Its Engine

The engine in your car behaves in the same way as your heart acts in your body. Any problem in the engine means your car’s life is in danger. So it is very important to keep your engine safe and to maintain it from time to time. And when it comes to the luxury cars from the house of Audi, you need to be cautious and careful because a minor fault can fall heavy on your pocket. So here are some tips to keep the engine of your Audi car intact and alive:

Here are some ways you can adopt to maintain your engine-

Common Problems –

Audi’s engine can start causing a trouble because of some fault in the design or the other engine’s parts, which include lack of regular oil changes, racing, driving on low oil, using low-quality fuel, overheating, etc. So keeping a regular check of these things is essential in order to increase the life of your Audi car.

These are few of the problems to consider:

  • Importance of regular oil change –

    Your engine works a lot and in return, it expects you to keep it well lubricated. When you drive, engine oil is used and evaporated due to excessive heat and the level gradually decreases, which results in loss of its lubrication. If you change the oil at time intervals, your engine will remain lubricated. If you neglect it, your engine will eventually be contaminated, which will result in break down or death of one or some parts.
  • Importance of checking oil level –

    If you drive while your oil level is very low, it will result in the damage of your engine. There is a lot of cars present in the market, which come with a feature of maintenance remainder, Audi is one of them. You will get the warning on your dashboard that you need to change your oil. But still,checking oil level at timely intervals is highly recommended.

  • Avoid overheating of the engine –

    When fuel burns inside the engine of a car, it produces heat. Cooling system helps in cooling down the temperature. If there is a problem in the cooling system, it can result in overheat of the engine and due to this, your engine will be seriously damaged. So to avoid it, you must keep an eye on your coolant level.

  • Conventional mineral oil or synthetic oil, which one is better?

    Latest models of Audi may demand synthetic oil. Its advantage is that it can bear high temperature and can last longer, without any loss of lubricants. It provides better lubrications to the engine. Synthetic oil is best suited for low mileage vehicles and as far as high mileage vehicles are concerned, it is not the best choice.

  • Turbocharged Engine –

    A turbocharger pumps air in the engine, which results in an increase in the volume of the engine while boosting its power. Turbocharged engine has been designed in a way that it is capable of bearing high temperatures. And because of this, premium synthetic oil is a suitable choice for this kind of engine. If you choose mineral oil, then you have to change the oil regularly.

  • Changing air filters –

    An engine air filter guards your engine from dust particles and other dirt. If your air filter is dirty then it will not work properly and might restrict air supply to your engine due to which there will be a major loss of power of your engine. An old air filter might allow dust particles to enter in your engine. So it is highly recommended to change it time to time.

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