Secret Hacks to Improve your Cars Mileage

Apr 04, 2018
Secret Hacks to Improve your Cars Mileage

News about the reduction in fuel prices falls like a music to the ears of petrolheads but don’t swoon away as they have other ways around to save and reduce emissions. Termed as ‘hypermiling’, these ways help the hypermilers to get the most out of their cars. The search for the most economical car would never end, rather the idea to convert your current car into an economical one seems perfect. Before moving further, let’s first get acquainted with the terminology – hypermiling – that sounds heavy but in reality is simply a mixture of smart yet easy tricks.


It is a range of varied driving techniques that petrolheads adopt to improve the mileage of the car or in simple terms the techniques that enhances the number of kilometers/miles covered per litre of fuel. Simply reappraise the way you handle your vehicle and drive and see the positive effect.

Let’s check few of the best hypermiling tips you can opt to get the best out of your vehicle:

According to Energy Saving Trust, you can enhance the fuel efficiency of your car by changing up a gear ahead of 2,500 revolutions in a petrol car whereas the limit is only 2,000 for a diesel car. It has been proved that this technique helps in saving up to 15% of the fuel.

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  • Prefer taking longer routes that are quieter and less crowded than the shorter one. Anticipating the road ahead can save much of your fuel. Avoid being hard on brakes and accelerator that in turn will prove to be cost effective for you.
  • Winter is the best season, especially for hypermilers as it reduces the load on fuel by cutting down the use of cars’ air conditioners. Well, car heaters generally don’t consume much of the fuel as they take the heat from the engine but the same doesn’t hold true for the air-conditioning part. Usage of car AC cannot be avoided but if you are driving at a speed lesser than 40mph, opening the window is more fuel efficient than using the AC.
  • Modern luxury cars do not require any ‘warm up’ before driving off hence revving or idling a motor before starting your drive is pointless and sheer waste of the resource. Though the engine may take up to 8kms of time to start performing efficiently, the fuel efficiency increases as the journey starts. The longer the journey the more fuel efficiency you can derive out of your vehicle.
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  • Remove excessive weight (if any) loaded in your car to improve the efficiency of the fuel. A reduction of 45kgs of load from the vehicle increases the fuel efficiency by 1%.
  • The most efficient speed for hypermiling is between 55mph to 65mph. speed limit above this bar would decrease the efficiency of the fuel drastically. Say for example, driving a car at a speed on or above 85mph would consume 40% more fuel than what it would consume at a speed of 70mph. And yes, it’s illegal too! Just in case you are not aware!
  • Though it’s difficult to avoid traffic congestions in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, driving during peak hours reduces the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as it has been noticed that start-stop driving is fuel intensive among other forms of car travel.
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  • Insufficient tyre pressure also increases the fuel consumption by 3%. Hence it is suggested to keep a check on the air pressure of your car regularly.
  • The one technique that even Formula 1 drivers adopt to save fuel is ‘Drafting’ or ‘Slip-streaming’. But this form of technique do involve high amount of risk and is being shunned by road safety experts.

Before ending, one tip that might fascinate the motorists as well as the fashionistas – “Don’t drive in big shoes, as they take away the sensitivity you need with the throttle.”

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