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  1. Who are the Biggest Petrolhead Celebrities Ever? Find Out!

Who are the Biggest Petrolhead Celebrities Ever? Find Out!

27th October 2016
Who are the Biggest Petrolhead Celebrities Ever? Find Out!

We are always told that celebrities are people just like us. Some of them do have familiar faces, voices or personalities like us; however, it will not be wrong to say that they splurge their greens in a way we can never ever imagine to. They’ve got the money to blow which means they can splash the cash just the way it pleases them! These are the people who drive some of the fastest and most luxurious machines in the world.

So, if you are planning to become an actor, singer or an athlete who earns in millions, we will give you a pretty good idea on how you can spend your money on.

Paul Walker: “If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling”

RESPECT! Paul Walker was one guy whose passion for cars was evident, even in the movies that he did. Having said that, if you think what you saw on the screen was all that Paul Walker felt for cars- we want to tell you there’s more! Before his untimely death, Paul had collected about 30 supercars. His contribution to bringing automotive culture to the generation through Fast and Furious series is something that every car fanatic will appreciate for the time to come.

Paul had collected about 30 supercars Source:

Shahrukh Khan: So, as it turns out King Khan is not just the King of Bollywood, but he’s also the best when it comes to collecting supercars. At present, he’s got the most stylish Mercedes-Benz's, Audis as well BMW’s. And, that’s not all, his new love is the Bugatti Veyron, which is the world’s fastest car and costs about Rs. 12 crore. Woah!

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Shahrukh-khan-with-his-cars Source:

Charlie Sheen: We have all seen Charlie Sheen on screen and we know how much he loves the ladies, but did you know that the Hollywood ‘bad boy’ has a crazy love for cars too? In fact, he is a huge car collector and according to GQ magazine, he’s spent more than a million on the mean machines!

Charlie-Sheen-with-cars Source:

David Beckham: There might be people who are afraid to splurge their cash on these flashy, swanky toys. David Beckham isn't one of them. The guy just loves his cars! From the timeless Rolls-Royce to an ever so stylish Lambo, his car collection leaves us drooling! It is said that David Beckham owns a huge Garage just to keep all his luxury cars including one Range Rover! How bad do you want that Garage?

David-Beckham-cars Source:

Jay-Z: Here’s one guy who definitely deserves to be on the list for his passion towards cars. The guy owns a Maybach Exelero, which costs somewhere around Rs. 53,50,79,600. It does not come as a shock since he’s always on Forbes for being one of the wealthiest people in the world!

Jayz-with--Maybach-Exelero Source:

Fun Fact: The car has an uncanny resemblance to Batman's most trustworthy Vehicle- The Batmobile.

Paris Hilton: It would be just unfair if we are talking about cars and celebrities and we did not talk about Paris Hilton. The drama queen drives a pink Bentley Continental with Pink leather seats and interiors. She has got the $ 220,000 car customized in and out, from the wheels of the car to its interior – everything is customized. That’s some crazy love for a car! Apart from that, Paris also owns a Ferrari, Lexus, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

Paris-Hilton Source:

Feeling Dizzy? Well, here’s something to think about in the end – what cars would you get if you had their kind of cash?Leave your comments below:



the Biggest Petrolhead Celebrities

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