15 Ways to Accessorize your Car

Apr 04, 2018
15 Ways to Accessorize your Car

If it isn’t clear by now, the Internet of things no more holds the status of being unique. The advanced technology has almost invaded many sectors, including the automobile industry too. Staying connected with the digital world has become more of a necessity now and what's better than experiencing them when you are behind the wheel.

Undoubtedly we spend most of our time in our car and thanks to many creative heads (gadget makers to be precise) that time has become a bit more interesting and entertaining. Let’s check out some of the must-have accessories for your car:

Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity batteries are lithium-ion batteries that offer up to 80% of weight savings when compared to the old lead/acid batteries for your supercars. They are lightweight and compact and can fit in your pocket.

Fix a Flat

Flat tyres are inevitable but not your misery. This is easy to use inflator and sealer. Simply attach the can's hose to your car’s flat tyre and see the magic. It will inflate the tyre and fixes the punctures. You can also keep digital tyre gauge to check the tyres’ pressure.

Car Seat Stop Gap

car-seat-stop-gap Source:https://digital.hammacher.com/

Finally, a solution is here for Carmuda Triangle. Carmuda Triangle is the space between your car’s seat and the centre console where the chances of your objects getting trapped are high. Car seat stop gap fills that gap

Electric Blanket

Calamity never pronounces its arrival, hence your car must have the essential things to make your night stay in the car cozy and comfortable. An electric blanket can be one of the solutions.

Car Mount Mobile Holder & USB Charger

Exploring new place and need real-time maps to be followed frequently? Well, in that case, a car mount mobile holder will come to your rescue that will hold the mobile for you when you are behind the wheel. Alongside, a USB charger too is essential, especially for long drives.

Anti-fog Spray

liquid-to-improve-car-visib Source:https://i.ytimg.com/

It’s risky when fog settles on the windshield of the car while on road. The anti-fog spray helps in getting rid of the frost, ice and even bugs to make your ride safe.

Emergency Road Assistance Kit

One should always be prepared for the emergency and when traveling it becomes necessary to have a road assistance kit, which includes flashlight batteries, heavy duty booster cable, AA batteries, safety vest, 1 roll of duct tape, screwdriver, different sizes of fuses, cable ties, first aid box, seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool.

Remote System & Wireless Key Finder

The remote system makes your dealing with the car hassle-free and comfortable. This system provides a keyless entry in the car and also has remote startup kits. Now lock and unlock your car, warm-up the seats and start your vehicle from a remote location with the help of sensors.

Wireless key finder is also of great use, especially when you are not that easy with keeping up the keys. Simply press the color designated for the key you are looking for and leave the rest of the work to this smart gadget.


wing-spoiler-for-car Source:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/

A spoiler to your car gives it a sportier look and is commonly attached to the rear of the vehicle. Not just for aesthetics of the car, but spoilers also enhance the vehicle’s performance by improving the airflow around the car when in speed. 4 types of spoilers are there to choose from and they include:

  • Lip Spoiler
  • Wing Spoiler
  • Pedestal Spoiler
  • Front Spoiler

Security System

If your car misses the security system, it’s time to secure it with the third-party security available in the market. The general ones include an alarm to scare off the forceful intruders, lock on the engine’s ignition and alert to the owner during attempted intrusion.

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Bluetooth Speaker Phone

No Bluetooth support in your car? No worries as there are many Bluetooth speakerphones available in the market that will play your cellphone’s music in the car and take calls. Now no more touching your handset for answering calls while you are driving!

Stereo Sound System

stereo-sound-system-in-cars Source:https://cemaudioedge.com/

Install a powerful stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity to make your car a small music theque with best-in-quality surround sound. With this, you can also answer your phone calls through these installed speakers.

Heated & Cooled Seat Cushion

Patented heat extraction technology provides these seat cushions the required amount of heat and coolness as per the customer’s preference. It’s time to bid goodbye to those sweaty clothes during the scorching summers!

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LED Car Signs

LED Car Signs Source:https://www.gadgetfeast.com/

We know how irritating it is to get stuck in the traffic jams and the situation gets even worse when some morons start honking for no reason, especially at your car’s back. At your ease, the LED car signs will help you in keeping yours as well as others temper down. Start playing with various funny car signs to make traffic jams a fun.

Infant Smart Car Seat

Infant Smart Car Seat Source:https://img-s1.onedio.com/

Kids’ safety is the foremost concern while driving and this gives rise to the need of a separate car seat for infants that will keep them safe during sudden brakes or so. The infant smart car seat comes with SensorSafe technology that sends alert to the driver of infant passenger upon arrival.

So are you ready to convert your car into a smart car? Leave your comments below!

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