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  1. Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck – Part 2

Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck – Part 2

14th October 2016
Facts about Cars to Leave you Awestruck – Part 2

It seems like you really enjoyed our last piece of article covered on the weird and interesting facts about cars. And as we promised we are back again with some more amazing facts about cars that are still a mystery for many petrolheads. Passion for cars is not a new term in town as many examples are available from the glorious past of vehicles to prove what value these 4-wheelers hold in the life of a car enthusiast. The fascinating journey begins from 1769 when the world witnessed the first automobile powered by the steam engine. Taking the technology a step ahead, in 1807, the first car was designed by Francois Isaac de Rivaz, which was operated by an internal combustion motor powered by a fuel gas.

Well, delving into the history of automobiles is captivating and a complete book can be written on how they came into existence and how technology can be evolved. But this is something we are not going to discuss over here. Let’s not cudgel our brain and switch back to what will tickle your fancy for sure.

Energy Saver Brazil - You will be surprised to know that around 92% of the cars running on the Brazilian road are powered by ethanol that is produced from sugarcane. Hope we Indians too learn this unique way!

A Father is ALWAYS a Father - Suppose you are offered a Volkswagen Polo and a Lamborghini Aventador. Which one will you go for? Well, we know your answer will be Lambo, of course, and why not. Who would not prefer having a super luxurious car? But the fact is that Bentley, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti & Ducati are the brands owned by Volkswagen itself. Shocked? We too are!


A Letter from Dictator – Very few people know that when the world infamous Adolf Hitler was in prison, he wrote a letter to a Mercedes-Benz dealership in 1924. What’s so interesting in this? Well he actually begged in that letter for a car loan for a limousine.

More Deaths than Malaria - According to an international survey, the odds of dying in a car accident are 1 out of 5000 approximately. Another shocking fact is nearly up to 50 million people get injured in a car accident globally out of which 1.25 million lost their lives – a figure much higher than the deaths caused by malaria worldwide. So now you can easily figure out the population throughout the world!

Wanna be One? - Do you know that an average customer who owns a Bugatti is also the owner of around 84 other cars, 3 jets and 1 yacht? Another revelation states that a Bentleys are for one percent of the elite class and a Bentley customer generally has 8 cars. What will send chill down your spine is the fact that Bugattis belong to the only one percent of that one percent (Bentley’s owners). May be this is the reason why only 450 Veyrons have been sold in a time span of 8 years.


First Car Accident – The first car accident that ever occurred in the history of automobile is back in 1869 in the Ohio city. An Irish scientist, Mary Ward, was the person involved in the historic car accident, which unfortunately killed her instantly. Another noted accident that took place in the same city was of James William Lambert, who was an engineer by profession, according to the officials of Ohio. However, the first recorded car accident took place few years later in 1896 when Bridget Driscoll stepped off a London curb and got killed by an Anglo-French model car. Arthur Edsall was driving that car.

Free Fuel - What if you get to know that an Asian country offers free petrol to its citizens? We are sure you would like to settle down their permanently seeing the rising price of fuel in our country. Well the country is Turkmenistan where the car drivers are allowed to enjoy 120 litres (30 gal.) of free petrol every month (don’t read it year).

Cars > Population - This is true! The number of cars in the world is more than the people. Now just imagine if all the cars come on the road, what will happen? According to a report, there are 10 billion cars in the world against a population of nearly 7.2 billion.

World's Fastest Car - Hennessey Venom GT is the world’s fastest street-legal production supercar. It can achieve a top speed of 434kmph (270mph). Earlier the car topping the chart was Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with a top speed of 431kmph (267mph).


Soybean Car - We are aware of the fact that cars are made of hard metals from the safety point of view but do you know that in 1941, Henry Ford made a car out of soya beans? Recently known as hemp body car, the vehicle was built with agricultural plastic. The body of the car was partially made of soybean and hemp. This resulted in a vehicle that is lighter and more fuel efficient than a metal-bodied car.

Highway Hypnosis - Does it ever happen to you that you don’t recollect the direction of your way to office/school? Your answer might be right! In that case, there are chances that you are suffering from a disease called Highway Hypnosis, wherein the driver has no recollection of his/her drive to work/school (autopilot).

Three-point Seatbelt Design - It was the Swedish carmaker, Volvo, who invented the 3-point seatbelt design and the fun fact is that the company kept the patent open for other car manufacturers for free prioritizing the safety of the passengers. A survey says that it saves the life of 1 person every 6 minutes.

Car Crash Illusion - It is a fact that during a car crash nearly 40% of the drivers don’t hit the brakes of the car. We know what you are thinking? That you don’t belong to that 40% population! We too assume the same for us!


Honking is Illegal – No, we are not talking about any state or city of India, as honking has recently become a favorite pastime of Indians stuck in traffic jams. We Indians don’t shy away from honking even when the traffic light is red. But it seems like in some parts of the world, there resides some sensible people who know how harmful honking is. In New York City, honking is illegal and you can be fined for blowing the horn of your car incessantly, unless it’s an emergency. Also to note, most of the American cars’ horns beep at the sound of “F”, which stands for ____.

No to RED – In a city of China there is a prohibition on red cars. Yes, you read it right! Owning a red car in this city is illegal. Though nothing official is available on the fact and some people are of the view that red color in China has association with good luck and fortune, hence this can’t be true. Others state that changing the color of your car without informing the authorities is illegal in China and can fine you heavily.

Biggest Fine Ever – The heaviest speeding fine ever imposed in the history of automobile is of $1,000,000. Yes, this hefty penalty was imposed on a guy driving at a speed of 18mph in Switzerland. It is said that the fine in the city is based on the speed and the salary of the driver.

Six Jesus Christ – No offend please! We are not harming the religious sentiments of any but sharing what weird has even happened. According to some report, in California, there are 6 driving licenses registered on the name of Jesus Christ and the biggest irony is that the government allowed it.


Texting While Driving – We all know that it is very risky to text while you are driving a car and we might have assumed that it might doubles the chances of getting hit but the fact is that texting while driving increases the chances of a crash by 23 times. GASP!

Slamming is Illegal – If you slam your car door, it might not bother your neighborhood or friends or family members, but if you are in Switzerland then you might have to mind your action as slamming your car’s door there is illegal and can invite heavy fine.

Though there are more hidden car facts that are still trying to come into the notification of a petrolhead, they didn’t draw our attention. In case, you are aware of any amazing car fact that hasn’t been mentioned here, kindly shower your knowledge on us in the comments below. Happy reading!

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Jordan L

WOW. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. May Honking be made illegal and worth fined in India..


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