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  1. Let Out the Rocker in You

Let Out the Rocker in You

05th June 2017
Let Out the Rocker in You

A bike with speed thrills and retro chills!

Dating back to the medieval era of 1950’s in England, cafe racers started to make an appearance. The term cafe racer itself emerged because of the working class’s need to travel along highways which featured travel cafes, catering to the needs of those on the move. The cafe culture emerged when rockabilly (classic rock for you and me) artists started performing at these cafes. With stripped down bikes as their transport, rock music to listen and good food to go the cafe racer culture started to emerge. These cafes were home to stock bikes being modified and given the unique cafe racer stance we see today. But back in 1970 when the bike industry in England hit a bump, the cafe culture was eventually dropped. Fast forward to the current times and seen is that some special motorbike companies such as Triumph have this legend alive with their modern take on the classic style.

Introducing the Triumph Thruxton R. A bike that is here to appeal to your heart, yet confuse your mind. It looks retro but the moment you ride it, behaves as if it is ages ahead. On the looks front, the Triumph’s designers have hit it out of the park. Personify the bike’s actual character and you dream about Mike Hailwood donning Valentino Rossi’s shoes.

The round headlamp which incorporates a DRL without spoiling the retro look, the fat, sticky Pirelli Corsas and the beautifully sculpted tank all take you back to the times. Look closely and you see the racier side of things with upside down forks and twin Brembo discs powerful enough to stop the Earth. The engine, true to its classic roots is a 1200cc parallel twin fed by fuel injectors disguised to look like carburetors. Riding this beastly motor that places 115 NM of torque in your palm is supremely easy owing to the modern tech you have on tap. Drive by wire, ABS, Traction Control and riding mode selectivity let you push the limits of this bike without killing yourself. All these electronic aids can be switched off in case the purist in you wants the raw edge.

It is a bike that mixes nostalgia with fuel to give you an average of smiles per kilometre! It is for the adrenaline paleophile who appreciates a bygone era and detests to go completely modern. From the cafes of England to the highways of India, it represents an era that refuses to be forgotten all over the world. It associates you to an image you live with forever. India is one such country where cafe racers of have started to gain popularity in recent times.

Avid followers of the biking culture also would recognise Michelin starred celebrity chef Gary Mehigan showcasing the cafe racing spirit on his visit to India. As he expressed on his show “Far Flung, with Gary Mehigan”

“I have done some biking in my age. Bikes are my release and I cannot help when I see beauties like these.”

Infiniti Q50
Witness this beauty at Big Boy Toyz. Watch the video and get all the details in the description -


Engine: Liquid cooled, 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin (1200cc)
Max power: 97 PS/ 96 Bhp (72 kW) @6750rpm
Max torque: 112 Nm @4950rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed
Max speed: 135 mph (approx)

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