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  1. Jaguar XKR Review: Indomitable English Legacy

Jaguar XKR Review: Indomitable English Legacy

01st March 2017

Having been fascinated and charmed by the British Cultural festival, it led us to believe that their paintings and artwork are of great quality and precision. This also extends to their classic range of automobiles that have a wide range of fan following across the globe along with being an epitome of style and sophistication. The legendary English Car logos convey an aura and pride deemed of triumph and glory together with being distinctive in their own way.

Jaguar logo

One symbol that has always caught the eye and awakened a royal feeling along with a racing instinct is none other than the ‘Leaping Cat’ known as Jaguar. The mesmerizing forward leaning badge on the bonnet portrays success and jubilance together with revolutionizing the automotive world on a whole and paving ways for undeterred journeys.

The one vehicle in Jaguar

The one vehicle in Jaguar’s product stable which has really won accolades and appreciation from the automobile enthusiasts and aficionados for its meritorious performance on the race tracks in the good olden days together with representing every ounce of the company’s brand philosophy is undoubtedly the sporty looking XKR. Since its inception in the Castle Bromwich Assembly of United Kingdom, its two iterations of coupe and convertible have been benchmark setters in their respective segments.

A Charming Beauty on the Outside

The retro modern fusion

The Exteriors present their own grandeur and splendor when one lays his eyes on this exquisite masterpiece. The curvaceous architecture and design has been well thought of and executed by the English engineers and surely it wins hands down for being unique and distinct in its own way. The retro modern fusion on the two door coupe might appear a generation older (well that's ok) to the modern day sports cars, but still holds a special place for itself in the hearts of the brand lovers that quickly capacitates it to be a collector’s item at the end of the day.

the modern day sports cars

The humongous bonnet upfront with the new and sharper swept back headlamp design represents a radical departure from the previous pre facelift model. The stretched ovular radiator grille incorporating the Jaguar emblem gets a silver chrome lining on the edges and exudes class. The C shaped LED daytime running lights in the form a symmetrical arc are placed towards the outer portion of the headlamp housing. The side air intakes also get a generous dosage of chrome that replicate its shape and overall what transcends is a low slung pretentious design upfront for the onlookers.

black gloss finished 20 inch alloyssource -indianautosblog

The side view with its grand silhouette gives a perfect stance for this vehicle to be a companion for a wishful horizontal landscape photoshoot. The chunky and beefy black gloss finished 20 inch alloys with meticulous attention to detail inscriptions look a tad larger to our liking, but compliment the muscular stance of this vehicle to a great extent.

 the Braking lights are C shaped

The supreme rear end is where the climax begins and thrills you with its poised stance. Once again the Braking lights are C shaped with the cannon barrel architecture in the middle for the rear reverse lighting.

The rear spoiler

The rear spoiler on the boot edge embodies the fancy red strip emergency braking light that is a delight to see. The dual circular exhaust pipes on either side transmit an aural bliss that one would like to cherish each time upon hearing it.

Greet yourself to the most Beguiling cabin setup

the soft grain leather seats

The interiors engulf you in their supreme opulence and grandiosity that is essentially been exquisitely made to feel one special on the move. The heavy doors with the high quality handlebars give you the typical feeling of security and satisfaction inside a European vehicle. The texture of the materials inscribed on the dashboard along with the soft grain leather seats and the scintillating rising Jaguar Drive Selector truly transcend into one of the most thrilling and enchanting cabins going well with the modern age tastes.

 XJL sedans

A slight reminiscence in terms of the cabin interpretation to its younger siblings the XF and XJL sedans is prominent, but the individuality factor in terms of controls and drivability of this monster takes the crown and eliminates all apprehensions and speculations. Fine touches such as the heated steering wheel and seats, memory functions for front driver and passenger seats with buttons present aptly on the side doors, play a catalytic role in building the owner’s rapport with this beast incarnate.

The rear seats

The rear seats well, well......well, they manage to win over the prescribed of the hard to please by steadfastly housing their children and shopping bags!!!

The 7 inch color touch central screensource - canadianautoreview

The 7 inch color touch central screen with its high definition graphic appearance further beckons you to toggle through the entire car mechatronics, phone and Bluetooth settings, music interface and so on. The Bowers and Wilkins 525W premium sound surround system lightens your mood by offering crystal clear music on every drive and translates it into a joyous occasion and infuses more involvement in the already exhilarating drive experience.

The Monstrous Heart says it all!

The colossal 5.0 V8 supercharged motorsource - fullhdpictures

The colossal 5.0 V8 supercharged motor with an enormous 510PS and earth shattering 625 Nm of torque comes across as one of the most agile and effortless performers on all parameters. The typical scintillating sound experience of the engine roar can be heard on pressing the Start/Stop button located near the rising gear console. This mammoth heart conveys its spitfire intentions rather well from the very beginning and needs a racetrack setup to unleash all the raw potential within and a subsequent pinned back feeling on the seat. The lightning quick acceleration will send you into raptures of ecstasy and on a straight run testing this machine can do a 0-100 kmph sprint in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph.

source - youtube

Driving dynamics will need a new definition after spending some fruitful moments a twisty race track with this propulsive behemoth.And you'll definitely involve yourself in a  plethora of gnarly phrases after sampling the buoyant and energetic performer.

Jaguar XKR Reviewsource - autocar

The steering feels well balanced and grips well in your hands along with weighing up nicely at high insane speeds. The vehicle maintains its composure while being cut across corners really hard but will never complain or be nervous. The Jag is "like a bat out of hell" to ratify it's blue chip justifications of a world beating streak to do wonders......everywhere and anywhere!!!


intelligent Adaptive Dynamics systemsource - performancedrive
Now some stuff for the tech savvy!

The intuitive and intelligent Adaptive Dynamics system, essentially a companion for the long wishful journeys continuously works in the background and monitors one's driving conditions . Based on the inputs received from the throttle response, braking conditions and sensing the tarmac conditions, the system automatically adjusts the dampers to give you the perfect stability and momentum on the road.

Another icing on the cake is the Jaguar Drive Control that comes with the option of the Dynamic and Winter Modes.The mechanism enables the driver to make suitable changes in the steering feedback, throttle response and gear shifting. The Fierce Dynamic mode increases pedal sensitivity, boosts the gearshifting for a spectacular spotlight and weighs up the steering accordingly, while the winter makes adequate adjustments by decreasing the accelerator response and softening gear shifts to ensure better control and grip for dealing with slippery conditions.

the XKR

On a whole the XKR is fully loaded with safety features such as the Dynamic Traction Control, EBD, front and rear parking aid, four dual stage front and rear airbags deployment and emergency brake assist to name a few.

A Desirable Package at the end of the day

The leaping cat

The leaping cat eats up miles on the road with its brutal and abrupt power ensuring a sensational drive ,the pleasure of which can be experienced to the fullest at Big Boy Toyz.


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