Get Your Car Ready for the Upcoming Spring

Nov 24, 2017
Get Your Car Ready for the Upcoming Spring

As the winter season recedes and summer is on the anvil, it is the spring season that offers a brief window to address challenges related to the car. In India, from the past few years, the summer season is breaking all the records in terms of rise in temperature. There are some simple steps that you should follow to make your car ready for the hot climate which is going to hit us very soon.

A thorough airing to remove the musty smell


The first thing that you should do when you are getting the car ready for the summer is to open all its windows to remove the musty smell from the passenger cabin. It would be wise to keep it under the sun for some time so that germs on the leather furnishing get killed. Take out all the floor mats and scrub them clean. Also, clean the inside of the car for any paper or food article that might have accidently spilled over.

Do a 360-degree survey of your car

360-degree survey of your carsource- prweb

The next thing is to walk around the car slowly, and look for any sign of damage to the bodywork of the car. Look inside the boot as well as beneath the car and in case you see any sign of rust, then first remove the rust with the help of a sandpaper and then apply a coat of paint on top of it to minimise the damage. However, if the damage is big or the rust mark is on the hood, sides or backside of the car, then take the help of an expert, otherwise, the look of your car may get compromised.

Make sure that your cooling system is working all right

One thing which is under great stress during the hot summer months is the cooling system of your car. Check the pipes that carry the coolant to make sure that there are no leaks and see if the level of coolant is optimum.

Keep the tyre pressure optimum

tyre pressure optimumsource - breakerlink

Always try to keep the mandated tyre pressure in all the four tyres. In addition, make sure that the tread lines of the tyres are good to get a proper grip on the road. If you see the tyres worn out, then it is the time to replace it to avoid any skidding or even a blowout when you are driving your car.

Check the oil to avoid a disaster

Always make sure that the brake and engine oil level are well maintained or you might be inviting disaster.

Other knick knacks

check the spark plugs, brake shoes, exhaust pipe leakssource -carrrs

In addition to all the things mentioned above, you should also give some time to check the spark plugs, brake shoes, exhaust pipe leaks, cam and fan belts, so that your travel in your car does not give you pain but goes on like a smoothly oiled machine.

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