Your Royal Car Needs Special Care in Winters

Apr 04, 2018
Your Royal Car Needs Special Care in Winters

Living beings need to take special care of their body during winters but have you ever realized that your prized possession, your beloved car we mean, too need special attention during this season. As you flaunt your premium vehicle for the world to see, do not forget to take care of this expensive piece of machinery so that it continues to perform optimally even in harsh winter.

How can winter affect your car?

Before donning your overalls to get your hand dirty, you should know how cold affects machinery. This will help you in focusing on those parts of the car that are more vulnerable to cold.

Juice up your car battery: Cold can have an adverse effect on your car battery. For a quick startup, the battery needs to be kept at 27 degree Celsius for optimum performance. In subzero temperature, there is a chance that the car battery might freeze.

Keep your engine protected from freezing: Cold climate can make your engine inoperable by freezing the engine oil.

Keep the windshield transparent: Cold climate can fog up the windshield that will make driving extremely difficult as you will face problems in locating the moving traffic in front as well as behind the car.

Steps you should take to solve these issues

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Battery issues: Before the onset of winter do a volt meter test on the car battery to find out about its condition. If it is not optimal, consider replacing it so that you do not have to worry about getting stranded in some godforsaken place due to a dead battery.

Keep the engine running: To avoid engine freeze, look at the level of anti-freeze in your car and make sure it is topped to its maximum limit. This solution does not allow the engine fluid to freeze, thereby ensuring that your power plant remains responsive irrespective of the temperature outside.

Make sure that the windshield does not get fogged: To rectify the problem of fogged windshield, you should always tune up your defroster before the onset of winter.

Additional steps to keep your car in top driving condition

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Are the tyres in good condition:If you are planning to go to places where the temperature drops below zero, then making sure to have good tyres with prominent threads for greater grip are a must to prevent skidding.

Keep the pressure under control:Always keep in mind that tyre pressure during the summer and winter vary significantly. Therefore, to make sure that your luxury car performs efficiently, keep the tyre pressures at a level which is instructed by experts.

Make sure the lights are in perfect working condition:You should do a thorough check of the lighting system of your luxury car including headlamps, fog lamps, brake lights and hazard lights.

These simple steps can make your driving experience smooth in winters if taken care properly without turning it into a nightmare.

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