First Time Driver? Here Are the Things You Need to Keep in Mind!

Apr 04, 2018
First Time Driver? Here Are the Things You Need to Keep in Mind!

As a child, you always dream about the time when you will be old enough to own a car and drive around it. What a feeling of independence it would bring! If you are also as enthusiastic about cars, then we can say without a doubt that you had these dreams too.

So, now the time has finally arrived. Your driving lessons are over- and you are about to become the king on the road. Finally! No more depending on people or taxi cabs to pick and drop you here and there. It is surely a no brainer that the skill to drive, brings with it a lot of things that you need to focus on because, let’s face it – “savdhani hati, durghatna ghati” (a little attention away from driving can invite accident). But, now that you have finally managed a driving license, we are assuming you’ve become wiser too to handle the car of your dream.

Well, if you are a first time driver and still a little low on confidence about your driving skills, here are some things you must abide by, not just right now, but always:

Practice Brings Perfection: Now that you’ve passed the test, it's time that you practice as much as you can before you start hitting big roads with heavy traffic. They say that you only really become an expert driver once you start driving on your own.


Focusing is the KEY: One thing that a good driver will always know is that once you’re on the road, you just don't get distracted by other things. Concentrate! You will really need to work on that skill. Beware not to get distracting by ringing phones. When it comes to driving- Just drive. No texting. No phone Calls.

Take charge: With driving, comes great responsibility. No, we’re not calling you superman. One important lesson for all first timers (it’s the drivers we mean) is the realization that they are now in charge of the road and any decision they take while driving should be made carefully.

Adjust the car according to your needs: Before you start driving, make sure all the mirrors are adjusted. Also, the seat should be adjusted to your height. This would help you relax, which is definitely going to help you drive better.

Adjust the car according to your needs Source:

Buckle up: Even though you must have been repeatedly told this, we still think it's important to mention. ALWAYS wear your seat belt. In fact, that should become the first thing you do as you sit in your car. Nothing is ever worth your life – and frankly, nobody likes paying heavy fines. Many luxury carmakers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz et al provide other safety features too to make your journey as safe as possible.

Stay Alive. Don't Drink and Drive: Although we all know this very well, people still tend to underestimate the importance and relevance of this rule. The fact of the matter is that nothing is more important your life and by breaking this rule, you will not only put your life in danger but the lives of others too. Think about it not twice but thousand times!

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