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  1. Planning to Buy Audi Q5? Things To Know First

Planning to Buy Audi Q5? Things To Know First

Planning to Buy Audi Q5? Things To Know First

Do you want to own an Audi and become a proud owner of a branded car? Here are few of the things you should know about ,Audi Q5 if you plan to buy it. So read on before spending a hefty amount of Rs. 49.5 to Rs. 63.0 Lac.

Is Audi Q5 worth the money?

Audi cars are always way too expensive, we all know that. But the thing which we all know is that the money is always worth spending. You will find many of the luxurious and comfortable features in it, which you may not find in any other car.

So here are some of its mind blowing features.

Alluring design

 Alluring design Audi Q5 Source:

There are xenon plus headlamps, a pair of air ducts, round shape fog lamps, elegant LED lights and much more. If you get all these amazing features in a car, then it is surely worth every penny.

Classy Interiors –

The color screen that shows many notifications, rear seat split foldable function, switches for various comfort functions, automatic AC, and much more to count on.

Power pact Performance–

Audi Q5 can go from 0 to 100kmph in just 7.1 seconds. Its 1968cc cylinder can give you a speed of 200kmph. It has been given 2.0-liter motor. It produces an approx mileage of 10.8kmpl in a city while on highways it gives you a mileage of 11.81kmpl.

Care and maintenance –

Maintaining your vehicle is the most important thing one could do. Care and maintenance can give you long term benefits. Your Audi will behave like an Audi if you will keep it well and maintained.

You can maintain your car in following ways –

  • By not skipping the schedule service date.
  • By keeping it covered whole night for its protection.
  • By protecting the windscreen from the harmful sunrays that might melt the glass or the other plastic bodies coming directly in contact with the sun.
  • By driving with ease and open eyes.
  • By avoiding rash drives.
  • By keeping it in a good and nice condition.

Financing your Vehicle –

Audi Q5 Source:

Most of us wish and dream a lot but it needs money to get them fulfilled. Audi is one such dream, which needs lots and lots of capital to turn it into reality. However, middle-class people always seem to kill their dreams. But still there is a way.

If your pocket is not allowing you to invest your money in a first hand Q5, but still you wish to own it then you can opt for the following ways:

  • You can take a loan from the bank and fix easy EMIs.
  • You can buy the car on installments from an authorized car dealer.
  • You can buy a second-hand Audi Q5.

Fuel Requirements –

As we all need food to eat, likewise our vehicles need fuels to perform. Keep an eye on the requirements of your vehicle. It is very important to make sure that your vehicle gets the right amount of food supply in the form of fuel and oil. Get your engine and fuel system checked time to time.

Audi Pure Protection Program –

If you are an Audi owner and your vehicle is in warranty, then the company offers some services and protection plans. It includes a portfolio of coverage option just till the time your warranty is valid.


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