Audi R8–The Vehicle you can't Resist

Jan 07, 2021
Audi R8–The Vehicle you can't Resist

If you are planning to buy Audi R8, then this article belongs to you. Read on and know why you should spend crores on Audi R8.

What is special in Audi R8?

Audi always surprises us whenever they launch their new model. Every time there is something new to drool over. From amazing features to alluring structure, there is something different about this brand. Isn't it?

Here are few points you should note down about this model which would help you deciding if you want to buy it or not.

  • Amazing shape and body -

    This model is available in two variants – convertible and coupe. Their body structure is almost similar. Its bonnet, headlights, radiator grille, doors, handles, rear end etc all have been perfectly designed. You just cannot convince yourself from buying it once you get your eyes on it.
  • Comfortable Interiors –
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    From ample of space to high-tech features, you will find everything in Audi R8. It offers you sports seats which are electrically adjustable, gearbox, stowage compartment, multifunctional switches, single or dual color scheme, luggage compartment, accessory power socket and many other luxurious features, which makes this model more in demand.
  • Excellent Performance –

    It comes with a 4.2-liter motor which gives you impeccable power and mileage. Its eight cylinders and 32 valves displace 4163cc. it produces a maximum mileage of 8.06Kmpl. It offers the maximum power of 517.7bhp. Its mileage and power make it an excellent and powerful drive.
  • Anything for safety –

    Whenever you buy a car, safety is the most important point you might consider. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your family safe from any kind of danger on the road. And Audi has been known for providing maximum safety to its customers.

    Likewise any other model, Audi R8 comes with many safety equipments. Some of the features are -

    Four airbags, integrated head restraint system, side impact protection beams, first aid kit, electronic stabilization control and many others.

Care and Maintenance

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Whenever you buy a product, its care and maintenance are all you have to keep an eye on. If you care about the product in a good way, it will be able to give you a satisfactory service.

You can maintain your car in following ways –

  • By taking it for the service at time intervals.
  • By keeping it safe and covered at the time when you are not using it.
  • By not driving it rashly and thinking about the vehicle while driving.
  • By keeping it in a good and nice condition.

Financing your Vehicle –

If you happen to be an Audi lover then you also might be familiar with its prices. Owning an Audi is a very easy task for an upper-class person but dreams do not see our class.

If you cannot buy an Audi, still you wish to own it then you can opt for following ways.

  • You can take a loan from the bank and fix easy EMIs.
  • You can buy car on installments from a car vendor
  • You can buy a second-hand car.

A world performance car award winner, Audi R8 with its angular sharp lines and attractive silhouette has a commanding presence across the globe and is designed to make every car aficionado fall in love with its revving engine and throttling speed.

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