Keep Your Mercedes Happy in 7 Simple Steps

Apr 05, 2018
Keep Your Mercedes Happy in 7 Simple Steps

Undoubtedly, Mercedes offers the finest of German engineering and is a prestige icon that is instantly recognizable in any part of the world. The car comes filled to the brim with technological advancements and creature comfort features, and is built to the highest standards and more often than not, Mercedes cars are treated as an extension to the character, not just as a run of the mill car, designed to take you from point A to point B.

You have lusted after the three point star, started and dreamed and, at last, made that bold decision to bring this killer beauty home. As any new owner, you are elated, and want nothing but the best treatment for your Mercedes. As time goes by, how to make sure that the special relation you share with your love (car here) is always well maintained? How to make sure that the car is ready to travel miles sans giving heartburns with breakdowns in the middle of nowhere? Follow these 7 simple tips to maintain your car at its top health and to keep the car and, in turn, yourself happy.

Routine Checks:

There are few checks you can do at home to make sure that the car is always healthy. Keep an eye on the tyre's pressure and wear and oil and coolant level. An underinflated or overinflated tyre is a disaster waiting to happen. Do a visual inspection to check for any obvious signs of cuts or bruises on the side walls of the tyre and check the TPMS to make sure that each tyre has the recommended tyre pressure. This can save your life and prolong the life of the car.

Check the oil and coolant level once in two weeks. Always do this when the engine is cool and the car is parked on a level surface. The coolant temperature can be checked from the MID (multi Information Display), and the levels can be checked visually. Always make sure that before opening the coolant reservoir the coolant temp should be below 70 degree Celsius.

The oil level, on the other hand, can be checked with the help of the dipstick – remove the dipstick, clean it and insert it again in the dipstick guide tube, till the stop mark. Take the dipstick out and check the level. If the level is below the MIN mark, take the car to the nearest service center for a top-up.f

Keep it Clean:

A clean car is a thing of beauty. Use good quality car shampoo and do periodic wax and polishing to keep the car shining like new. A properly maintained car can keep the sheen for years. This will help you keep the car clean, and will help you identify the nicks and blemishes the car may have picked up during the daily battle in traffic.

The interior of the car is the place you spend most of your time when you are on road. Keep the interior clean by vacuuming it once in a week. Make sure that you do not leave food leftovers or any likable substances inside, which can spoil the interior. The pure leather seats your car came with are a work of love – do keep them in top shape by showering some love onto them by the way of detailing. There are many leather treatments available in the market – choose one that suits best for the type of leather your vehicle came with. The leather treatment helps it to retain the suppleness and the shine.

While you take care of the exterior and the interior, don't forget the underbody. Do an underbody-wash at least once in a month to wash away all the grime and dirt, and do a visual inspection for telltale signs of damages.

Periodic Maintenance

Take it as the periodic visits to the doctor for a routine check-up. Your car needs periodic visits to the authorized service center to keep it healthy and running smoothly. The fluids need replacement at the manufacturer's recommended intervals and there are a few small but important preventive maintenance routine services undertake, which include health check of the brake pads, suspension parts and engine mounts. The car also need replacement of consumables and certain parts (like spark plugs for petrol engines, Glow plugs for diesel engines, etc.) to make sure that the car don't break down, leaving you stranded. Never compromise on these visits and do not skimp on the replacements as suggested by the manufacturer.

MID – Your Friend

The MID (multi Information Display) of your car shows you lot of information about the car and while most of the information are non-critical in nature, always keep an eye on the warning signs. If the check engine light is on, take the car to the authorized service center for diagnostics. The check engine light becomes visible when there is an error logged in the ECU, which can be anything from a trivial issue to a serious engine management issue. Also look for other warning signs and take remedial actions before it's too late.

If something is wrong, take it Seriously

Do not hesitate if you feel something wrong with the car – even if it is not the time for next service and there is no warning signs on the MID. Don't take your instincts lightly and continue driving – it may actually worsen the damage. Sometimes, even the best mechanicals or electricians can fail, so do not wait to find out if that small troubling noise under the hood goes away if you keep the car driving for couple of hours, or that annoying rattle may cure itself if you keep avoiding it for a week – the authorized service center is well equipped and trained to undertake the diagnosis of even the complex of issues.

Be a Gentleman, Treat your car with respect

This may sound a bit odd and it is true that the car is tested in demanding conditions, but do remind that, after all, it is an amalgam of a thousand of moving parts and if subjected to prolonged stress, something or the other may fail over the time. So, while it is perfectly acceptable to have fun once in awhile, do not engage in traffic lights GPs and DO NOT rev to redline every time you shift a gear. Think twice before you attack that deep puddle or that crater of a pothole, especially if you are not driving a Mercedes SUV.

Find a Good petrol pump and stick with it

Last but not the least, this is very important. Many cars in India are damaged due to spurious fuel intake and while you are on a long trip, you may not have plenty of choices, but for your regular refill, stick with a reputed pump. Look for COCO (Company owned Company Operated) pumps while on the highways, and inside city, look for SHELL or a good PSU that dispenses good quality fuel.

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