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  1. Roads in Delhi NCR to Burn Some Serious Tyres

Roads in Delhi NCR to Burn Some Serious Tyres

02nd December 2016
Roads in Delhi NCR to Burn Some Serious Tyres

Statutory Warning!

“Donate blood but not on ROAD – Avoid Rash Driving as someone is waiting for you at home”.

Are you the proud owner of a luxury supercar and is a resident of Delhi NCR? Well don’t say a word, as we can understand your pain – the pain of not testing the speed limits of the beauty standing in its shining armor in the congested national capital of India. Adding more to the woe are the potholes and speed-breakers that completely ruin the fun of driving your supercar at its top speed.

It’s not that you are new to the city and are unaware of its roads and streets, but here are some of the roads in Delhi you want to give a try. Having said that, let’s not forget that we are responsible citizens of India and won’t go on the edge of breaking the traffic rules. Remember speed is for fun and not for risking yours or someone else’s life, so,

“Drive Safe and do not cross the SPEED LIMIT”


Delhi-Noida DND Flyway

Delhi-Noida DND Flyway

Officially named as Delhi Noida Direct, the DND connecting Noida with Delhi is an 8-lane flyway. It is stretched through a distance of 9.2 kilometers and is one of the favorite places for bikers to attempt their stunts. So set your rider’s soul free to experience the unexplored zone that is meant only for crazy car lovers.

Noida Greater Noida Expressway

Noida Greater Noida Expressway

Stretched across a beautiful picturesque surrounding of 24.53 kilometers, the 6-laned Noida Greater Noida Expressway is another BEST OPTION the speed lovers can explore. Connecting Greater Noida with Noida, this expressway was constructed to put an end to the choking congestion of NH-2.

In fact, this route has attracted many businesses such as educational institutes, official premises, eating joints, hotels et al, which currently are in their developmental phase. The best part of this expressway is its connectivity to another long expressway – the Yamuna Expressway. Oh! This is the next listing we will be exploring.

Noida-Agra Yamuna Expressway

Noida-Agra Yamuna Expressway

Inaugurated in 2009, this is the longest expressway among the ones discussed above. Noida-Agra Yamuna Expressway is 165 kilometers long and is the connecting road between Greater Noida and Agra – one of the favorite tourist destinations for its symbol of love,The Taj Mahal. It’s again a 6 lane road that is as smooth as butter (take it metaphorically). A few more kilometers of drive in your royal chariot can take you to the serene surrounding of The Taj Mahal.

NH8 Gurgaon

NH8 Gurgaon

NH 8 or in the terms of Delhiites, Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, is one of the congested roads of Delhi during the peak hours and has become the nightmare for many to travel through this route during the day time. But this 6 to 8 lane expressway that connects the national capital of India to Gurgaon (now Gurugram) gives you the best driving experience if you are hitting this route either at mid-night or in the early hours of morning, like 0400 hours. It is stretched through a distance of 27.7 kilometers.

Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka Expressway

This road is not fully developed yet and is expected to be open for the commuters by June 2017. It covers a distance of 18 kilometers and connects Dwarka to the International Indira Gandhi Airport. New in the town, it is expected to attract less traffic in its initial days, hence a better route to try your luxury SUV, sedan, convertible or sports car. This route is also called Northern Peripheral Road (NPP).

There is one more road you can explore during late hours – Delhi Ridge Road. Surrounding the Dasghara Central Ridge Reserved Forest, this road is generally free of heavy traffic during the day time too, though we can’t assure of this.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take out your lady love for a long romantic ride on one these quiet roads of Delhi. Well don’t forget to take some safety measures with you, as disturbing elements of the society might be active at these odd hours.


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