Time to Say Goodbye to these Myths About Car Batteries

Nov 24, 2017
Time to Say Goodbye to these Myths About Car Batteries

The role of a car battery is indispensable in any vehicle. It gives the initial charge to start the engine without which your fancy car will be sitting dead as a dodo on the road. There are many rumors floating about car batteries in the market and in this column, we have tried to shift facts from fictions to give you a better understanding of the car battery.

A car battery typically lasts for six years: There is no guarantee that a car battery will last for a fixed number of years, as it completely depends upon the chemicals in it. With the passage of time chemicals lose their potency, which affects the functioning of a battery. When your car is running, then it is fine to use the electronic system of the car because it is drawing the power from the alternator. However, when the engine has stopped, quickly turn off all the electronic items to avoid drainage of the car battery.

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Maintenance free battery does not require any extra care: Always remember that if you are running your car during the summer, chances are that the water in your battery might get evaporated. Evaporation of water can also happen if you are overcharging the battery. Therefore, even if you have a maintenance free battery, check the water level of the battery regularly.

Buying a battery with cold cranking amp (CCA) will solve the problem of winter startup: In most of the car batteries, you will find that the charge is held by a liquid electrolyte whose performance gets affected from both cold as well as hot weather. Even if you have a battery with a higher CCA rating, it is the onboard computer that decides what amperage is required to start the car engine. So, it would be wiser to use a battery heater to keep the temperature of the battery insulated from cold weather to give you a better performance even during harsh winter.

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Other factors also affect the functioning of a battery: If your car battery is not performing well, you should try to look for other factors as well that might be affecting the battery performance. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • It could be a faulty motor starter plug
  • The alternator has stopped working which in turn is not able to recharge the battery
  • Clogged fuel injectors
  • Damaged spark plugs
  • Battery terminals getting corroded over time

We believe that this article has managed to dispel some of the myths that you have always associated with car batteries. You can now understand that to keep your luxury car battery in top condition, you need to focus on regular maintenance so that it will give you good performance for a long period of time.

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