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  1. Tyres for a safe ride

Tyres for a safe ride

Tyres for a safe ride

Your tyres are your car's only connection to the road and are possibly the most vital part of your vehicle. Tyres affect your vehicle's handling, ride, braking, and safety. Checking your tyres regularly is important for protecting your safety and your automotive investment. Here we have listed some pointers to keep in-mind to help you avoid any deadly mistakes on the road — especially in wet conditions.

Rotate tyres:

Rotate your tyres every 5,000 kms. When done at the recommended intervals, it can preserve balanced handling and traction and smooth out tire wear. In some cases proper tyre rotation can even provide performance advantages.

Check tyre pressure:

Incorrect tyre pressure can cause tyres slip or skid on wet and rainy surfaces. There is also a tendency for uneven wear and unwanted punctures. Check out your user manual to know exactly how much pressure your tyres need.

Check tyre depth:

For your car to get the best traction possible your tyres should have the minimum recommended tyre depth. This will help keep your car stable while driving over wet roads. Additionally and more importantly, keeping the appropriate tyre depth will maintain the optimum braking efficiency of your car. Avoiding any unwanted collisions.

Use nitrogen instead of air:

Nitrogen is a more stable gas as compared to air making it less likely to change in the event of any temperature changes, which changes the driving dynamics of a car ever so slightly. Nitrogen is also less likely to let-out through the tyre sidewalls, which means fewer pressure checks and fewer stops at the petrol station.

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