Take Care of your Rolls-Royce – The Royal Chariot

Apr 04, 2018
Take Care of your Rolls-Royce – The Royal Chariot

After you are done buying your Rolls Royce comes the most important and difficult task, the maintenance of it. Now Rolls Royce has always been kind enough to take care of its own, which we will come to know in some time, but still here are some small tips that can help you in increasing the average lifespan of your Rolls Royce. It is really not as hard as you might think.

4 Years of Breeze

This is what we meant by Rolls Royce takes good care of their own. The company gives 4 years of warranty with the new car. So in case you have any kind of break down or there is any regular maintenance stuff, the company takes care of it for the initial 4 years. You will be really surprised looking at the maintenance bill than that you might start fancying it altogether.

Make Sure Do Not Break Anything

This is common to literally all cars, but more so for a Rolls Royce. Yes, it is covered for the first 4 years but still getting parts for the car is really hard elsewhere other than the Rolls Royce company shop and also the cost of the parts is really high. So you can calculate the rest as to what you might have to pay for it.

You Get What You Pay For

Rolls Royce

That's true about Rolls Royce. The quality of everything is so amazing that it is actually worth paying all that money. The work done on the car is top notch, the quality of parts and spares is really amazing, and the services offered and performed are such extensive that you really do not have a chance to complain anywhere. They are really meticulous that way.

Avoid Independent Garages

There is a good reason for that. The kind of services that Rolls Royce gives is unmatched. On top of that, the spares for the car are non-existential in the open market other than the proper company's authorized service centers. Secondly there is a lot of automation and sensors fit in the car which tells what all needs maintenance and fixing and those services are only with the Rolls Royce company shops.

Get the Basics Right

second hand Rolls-Royce car

If you buy a 3 crore car, the maintenance cost of the car is going to be as per the actual price. No matter how cheap you get it, the maintenance cost is still going to be according to its retail value. So even if you bought a second hand Rolls-Royce car, and the actual cost of the vehicle was somewhere around Rs. 3 crores, your maintenance bill is always going to be that for a 3 crore car.

So be wary about it and plan accordingly because that is what the ground reality is. Many people are actually upgrading from a small car with almost zero maintenance to a car that has huge maintenance bills. But they have to know that maintaining a luxury car is no easy job but the return on that thing is priceless. So never compare it with your regular passenger car and be prepared that way.

Here are some basic tips for basic maintenance of your Rolls Royce. We do not mean to scare you but to prepare you for the ground reality. But still the Rolls Royce is amazing and its cars are the best in the business and if you do own one, no matter the expenses you bear, you will still not complain about this priceless luxury.






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