Safety all the way: things to consider before buying car insurance

Jan 06, 2021
Safety all the way: things to consider before buying car insurance

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own exotic sports car. Everything about your car is absolutely stunning. The paint glimmers against the lighting, its lines matchup brilliantly; the engine comes alive and makes you feel a million dollars. Before you drive out of the showroom with your new found love, have you considered getting the car insured? All the reasons why your car is loved by you can also be reasons for nefarious characters to rob you of your pride and joy. And boy wouldn’t that be a pity!

Car insurance can come in many different forms; this is why it is important to get the right kind of insurance which fits the specific requirements of your car. We have listed some important things to keep in mind before buying your exotic car. Still not sure about the right insurance for your exotic car, contact a Big Boy Toyz (BBT) insurance representative who will guide you through the process.

1.      What insurer: This is an integral question that one should ask before going ahead with an insurance product. It is important to remember that insurance products vary depending on a number of reasons like replacement value and repair costs. So not every insurance company will cater to your specific brand or model of car. For instance: finding and insurance product for a Porsche 911 won’t be as easy as finding one for a Ford Ecosport. Speak to your dealer, or do a little research online. This will help you shortlist the best products available in the market.

2.      Are you a daily driver or a weekend prowler:  The number of kilometres you drive is an important factor to be considered while calculating your insurance premium. If you intend on using you car occasionally then this should be brought to the notice of the insurance inspector. This could potentially save you a considerable amount of money.

3.      Go on the internet: You will find a lot of information related to insurance on the internet. If you’re lucky you might even stumble across your car’s club. Consider joining this club and getting first hand information about intricate details about your car from other members. Members are on most occasions quite happy to shell-out information without any added cost, thereby saving you a heck of a lot of money and lots of time.

4.      Negotiate a little: once you have narrowed down to the insurance product of your liking. Negotiate a little, sometimes by adding simple security systems like a gear locks helps in getting a better coverage at a lower cost. This not only keeps your car secure on the long run but also gives you great value for money.
5.      Disclose Disclose Disclose: if you’re running high-end aftermarket accessories like a ₹100,000 McIntosh audio system, remember to inform your insurer about this added installation. In the eventuality of a theft of added accessories, these parts may not be covered in the event on a claim.

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