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  1. How to Keep Your Luxury Drive Safe for Pets

How to Keep Your Luxury Drive Safe for Pets

21st April 2017
How to Keep Your Luxury Drive Safe for Pets

Those who are ardent pet lovers know the value of a four-legged companion in their life. Just like people are crazy about luxury cars, the affection for pets in the pet lovers is not in any case lesser than that. And when you are both, it sometimes becomes difficult whom to take better care of? Where your prized-possession costs you a hell lot of money, the love for your pet, on the other hand, cannot be compromised in any condition as more or less your pet has become your child.

Well, we understand the concern and this is the reason why we have come up with some valuable suggestions to keep your premium car safe for and from pets. Let’s have a look at them:

Car Hammock

When you are taking your pet on a ride with you in your luxury car, it’s very natural to make your car seats vulnerable to pet’s hair, food messes, drool and scratches of his paws. Hence, car hammock is the best way to avoid such unwanted things and also it protects your pet while your car is on the move. The hammock covers the entire back seats along with the headrests of the front seats. While making the purchase make sure that the hammock has openings to allow access to the seat belts.

Pet Seat Cover

If you are among those pet lovers who always want their four-legged companion to be by their side while you are driving then this is the option for you. It features the same as that of the car hammock and is also water resistant. The fabric used in making such accessories is home washable and is durable so that you can use it for a long period of time.

Cargo Cover

Sometimes it’s not only you and your pet who are travelling but the whole family and in that case the best place to keep your pet is the trunk of the car. Well, it’s better to have an SUV in that case so that everyone can get a proper space to be seated. If your vehicle has a large trunk space or the back seats are removable, then cargo cover can fit into your requirement. This is helpful when you are going for a long trip. It gets spread really well covering every nook and corner of the trunk and also protects your car from the scratches and other unwanted litter within the interior.

Seat Belt Harness

Well, the protection rules and regulations for pet aren’t that stringent in India but it’s your duty to make the ride comfortable for your loyal companion and hence it is very necessary to have seat belt harness for your pet in case you are not carrying a crate or carrier for your pet. It will not only give protection to your pet from a sudden fall but will also restrain it from moving here and there in the car, thus protecting the interior of your car too. While purchasing one, make sure that it is of best quality and can easily bear the stress put by your pet on it.


Yes, you read that right! While moving in or getting down from the car, there are possible chances that the sharp nails of your pet may leave a permanent scratch on the interior of your car, thus ruining its beauty. Sometimes, in excitement the pet tries to jump inside the car but fails to do so and in this process it may leave a scratch on the car’s body, hence a ramp is a better idea to avoid such circumstances.

Nail Caps

Last but not the least! To cover up all, you can use the nail caps on the nails of your pet to avoid any rip or scratch on your car. The nail caps are applied using a small amount of adhesive and are expected to stay for 4 to 6 weeks of time.

Always remember, that pets are the greatest gift of god given to humankind and it’s our duty to give them the protection they deserve without debarring them a joyous ride in your luxury car.

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