Which One Should You Buy? Automatic or Manual

Apr 04, 2018
Which One Should You Buy? Automatic or Manual

The technology is not new, yet the usability has changed with time, thanks to the emerging population that has ultimately lead to increased number of vehicles on road leading to massive traffic jams. Manual transmission is slowly becoming an endangered species but yet there are many ardent defenders of this technology who think that manual transmission is way better than the automatic one. But there are certain myths around the manual transmission that need to be debunked in order to make a sensible decision, considering your requirements and needs. Let’s check out few of the happy myths around the older of the two trannys:

Better Fuel Economy – This was the thing of the past when the automatic transmission was not in its advanced stage. But now, things have changed and this reason doesn’t exist anymore. The automatic transmission technology is now more advanced and comes with additional gears and is now outshining the fuel economy by manual one.

Manual Cars Cost Less than Automatic – Though it would be wrong to deny this myth completely, it is not fully correct too. In most of the cases, especially in the economy cars, there is a difference in the cost of automatic and manual transmission cars, this difference is negligible in few of the instances. The best example is the BMW, which offers manual and automatic gearbox at the same price for a particular model.

automatic car

Trendy Sports Cars Are Available with Manual Tranny Only – Well, this might bring some disappointment to those who strictly follow manual tranny, as most of the badass sports cars are available with automated manual transmission. AMT is just like a regular automatic and doesn’t have a clutch pedal. With Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, it is difficult to find manual gear shifting ballet.

With Standard Tranny Comes the Automatic Option Always – Again, this is not the case always, as in certain economy and premium luxury sports cars, the option available in manual only. Cars such as Audi TT RS, Volkswagen Golf R, etc., are only available with manual transmission.

manual transmission cars

For Teenagers, Stick Shifts Are Necessary to Learn Driving – According to Ken Hill, a professional racer, who also organizes teen driving programs, there is no necessity for a teen to learn driving over manual transmission first as only limited manual options are available in luxury drives.

Manual Cars are Theft-Deterrent – This is another argument that shift stick lovers will give in favor of manual tranny is that because fewer people are aware about the know-how of manual tranny, the chances of it getting theft are lesser as compared to cars with automatic tranny.

Manual Cars are Theft-Deterrent

It completely depends on your preference, which type of transmission you would like to drive as each type comes with its own advantages and flaws. Where with automatic, you are free to concentrate on other aspects of driving, with manual you are always aware about what you are getting. Hence, look out for your requirements and comfortability and accordingly make your choice for an automatic or manual tranny.

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