What Car Should you Own?

Apr 04, 2018
What Car Should you Own?

It might take time and waiting to find your perfect love, but once you do find it, you know it’s meant to be. The chemistry, understanding and compatibility are just perfect, and you can feel it. Well, it’s not so different with your car too. A petrol head would definitely agree.

We strongly believe that there is always that one car for everybody. Call it whatever you want- Soul-car or the lady love, we believe that there is a car for everyone, one that suits your personality and defines your true self. You could be a family person, an adventurous person or a show off, whatever personality type you are; there is a car for you. So, which is the car for you? Is it a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or is it a Rolls Royce?

Let’s take the example of Batman and his choice of automobile. He chose the ‘Bat Mobile’. The vehicle was dark, sleek, and powerful which completely resonates with Batman’s own personality. Likewise, even your selection of cars conveys crucial details about you to your friends and others.

There is a wide array of choices when it comes to car types- SUV, Sedan, Convertible, and Coupe and this is what exactly leads to a lot of confusion too! If you’re planning on buying a car and wondering where to spend the big bucks, along with other considerations, we’d say you should keep in mind your own personality as well.

BMW-i8 sports car Source:https://cdn.bmwblog.com/

If you’re an adventure seeker, a person who loves travelling, we would suggest that you get a sports car. BMW and Porsche are great choices in this category. A sports car defines adventure, thrill and a sense of wanderlust, so if you fit into this category, this is the best option for you.

Are you the guy with the big family- a wife, three kids, and your parents? Well, you’re the stable guy. There was a time when you used to love spontaneity but those times are gone, and now what you need is safety and constancy. When we talk about car styles, an SUV or a Sedan is suitable for you. Need to pick up kids from the school? Taking a trip with the entire family, you would obviously need space in your car. Along with space, your car needs to be the type which ensures your safety. As a Brand, Honda, Buick and Audi are usually associated with reliability and security.

If you’re a person who’s grounded- you’re guided by practicality and logic. You’re not showy and don’t care about attention from people, your best fit is a Mini. If you’re aiming to bring style, fun and some ‘green’ together then you can definitely go for a Mini Cooper.

Mini-Cooper Source:https://www.30npire.com/

If you’re a person driven by passion, a person who loves speed, lives in the moment and is a risk taker, you should definitely go for Muscle Cars. Muscle cars like Camaro, Ford Mustang and Challenger represent aggression and power. If you own a muscle car, it says that you know your engine and you just love to drive!

Young, wild and free? Is that your life motto? If this is you, then we guess that family cars are too boring for you and your pockets aren’t big enough for an expensive car. We’d say that go should go for a Coupe. A Coupe would make you give the right “snazz” to your personality without you having to spend away all the cash!

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