BMW - Tips to Make Your Joy LASTS Long

Apr 05, 2018
BMW - Tips to Make Your Joy LASTS Long

Having a BMW in the garage – be it a new one or a pre-owned one – is a thing of joy. BMW cars offer unmatched driving pleasure and luxury and are considered as the drivers' cars among the luxury Marques. While it is a pleasure to buy and own a BMW, many owners, especially those who choose the pre-owned model route, have a nagging fear of heavy service and maintenance bills, which hung like a black cloud and force many to babysit the car, and thus not enjoying the car to its fullest potential.

While it is a known fact that the service cost goes higher as you go higher the rung, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you save a neat packet during the ownership – for both the new and the pre-loved ones.

BSI – Your FRIEND in Need

One of the redeeming factors of buying a BMW is the presence of BSI (BMW Service Inclusive) packages. In a nutshell, this is like BMW handing over to you complete peace of mind about your car, as long as you have BSI packages. There are different BSI packages covering different aspects of the car, and for different time spans, so you can always find a plan that suits your style, pocket and your car.

The important thing about BSI is that, it is completely transferable so if you have a BSI package and you are selling your car; it automatically increases the resale value since the next owner can enjoy its benefits related to the maintenance.

buy BSI packages after you have brought your car Source:

You too can buy BSI packages after you have brought your car, any time till your car's warranty expires. You can buy BSI package even if you haven't brought the car new from the showroom, and BSI packages, combined with the Repair packages, covered almost everything on your car, for a foreseeable future.

Unlike the usual offerings, the BSI packages cover wear and tear parts, maintenance and repair costs, so you end up paying nothing from your pocket as long as you have the BSI protection. This package is transferable and once you have enrolled for the package, you can use it at any BMW dealership, anywhere in the world, for your car.

You also have the option to expand the package to cover additional items, if you ever feel so. It is no wonder BSI package is hailed as the best umbrella coverage by a manufacturer across the range in whole world.

BMW Secure

BMW Secure Source:

BMW also has a unique package called BMW Secure for the customers who have purchased their car insurance through BMW, which added to these packages, will cover your vehicle in any events of misfortunes.

BMW Secure even offers a return to invoice function wherein, if your car suffers a total loss, BMW will replace it with a brand new one, without imposing any extra cost on you. The company will even cover the registration, tax and insurance amount.

In case of any accidental damage or repairs, the BMW Secure will cover the difference in amount between the part cost and the insurance amount, so you won't end up paying the difference from your pocket.

What more? BMW Secure even covers your tyre, which usually is not covered by any insurance. So, if your car's tyre develop a bulge or suffer a cut, you can get it replaced free of cost.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Source:

Most of the unforeseen repair work can be avoided if you are diligent enough and take care of the period maintenance and running repair, within stipulated time period. BMW comes with detailed service instructions and indicative time frame and mileage for the replacement of all vital fluids and wear and tear parts.

Following this rigorously will make sure that your BMW goes on and on without any breakdowns and in case any untoward incident happens, you can claim the warranty with peace of mind since you have been following the service schedule rigorously.

Be Original, Buy Original!

BMW - Tips to Make Your Joy LASTS Long Source:

There are many aftermarket substitutes available off-the-shelf and online as replacement for wear and tear parts and consumables, but do not get lured by them. While there are some genuine alternates available out there, it is not easy to choose what is correct from a plethora of choices available and it is not difficult to choose something inappropriate that may end up costing you much more than what you saved.

Always insist on original BMW OEM parts when you carry out a repair work or during routine service at the BMW authorized service stations and make sure that you do not carry out repairs or fixes in workshops that are not authorized by BMW.

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