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  1. Air Pollution-Are Vehicles the only Cause?

Air Pollution-Are Vehicles the only Cause?

12th July 2016
Air Pollution-Are Vehicles the only Cause?

We all know how polluted our city of Delhi has become and how it ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world. There are myriad factors contributing to the ever increasing pollution in Delhi NCR. The recent implementation of odd-even scheme by the AAP government has been lauded as a bold step by most of the environmentalist across the country. It even pushed Arvind Kejriwal into the coveted list of Fortune's list of '50 greatest leaders'.

Due to increased pollution many expats in the city are probably reconsidering their assignments and trying to avoid bringing their families in such unhealthy environment where it's dangerous for kids to roam around on cycles in the city. Embassies are reducing staff needed for their operations and even installing high end air purifiers in their offices.

Attributing the increase in particulate matter levels in the air only to vehicles, especially the luxury diesel cars, is not an accurate opinion. Having said that it doesn't absolve the increasing vehicular pollution from being a very big contributing factor in ruining air quality in Delhi. According to various studies the following are contributing to Delhi's air quality diminishing standards:

  • Road Dust
  • Vehicular pollution
  • Construction & Industries
  • Coal-based tandoors
  • Concrete batching

Instead of just discussing how Delhi's becoming more polluted day by day, it's more important to understand the crisis and work on all fronts to make living in Delhi fun and healthy again. It will need to be a joint effort by the people of Delhi, various NGO's and the authorities to make sure that air quality improves in Delhi. Banning only the private diesel vehicles or implementing odd-even scheme are not enough measures to curb the menacing pollution.

Emphasis on other contributing factors, such as road dust, construction sites, power plants, etc., too need to be put in order to fight against the odd. There is long road ahead and to make it a way better, we all need to walk on it to contribute towards a cleaner, greener and healthier Delhi.

Air Pollution-Are Vehicles the only Cause?
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Air Pollution

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