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  1. Mercedes G 63 AMG : Not the usual one

Mercedes G 63 AMG : Not the usual one

25th April 2018
Mercedes G 63 AMG : Not the usual one

“Opting for a startling and unconventional new wrinkle perhaps was in line to becoming the fashionable rule of thumb of the love depiction praxis towards the famed automotive exemplars.”
Coming out of nowhere!
An emphatic yes to support the statement!

Mercedes G 63 AMG

Well because the ‘up for discussion’ interest gatherer from Germany…oh! The unfading AMG ax to grind playing the stimulant anchor and picking the mighty G63 from the revered lot didn't really prove to be an uphill battle for our perked up sensations.
The veteran has had a successful episodic timeline run and for today we would like to put the ball in your court for a role reversal. Ah! Supported by hinters!

What comes to your mind when you see the beast in BBT’s inventory?

Mercedes G 63 AMG

You must be feeling as if the AMG for a second… has cracked all what it takes to steal the attentive spotlighting from the high roaring and revving supercars in Big Boy Toyz’s choicest collection.
Isn’t it!
Frame your answer on the basis of this.

Did the AMG come in your dreams doing a whimsical stuff?

Mercedes G 63 AMG

Must have surely! Portraying its go getter mover and shakers, the G63 will make you a live wire depicter in your heavy sleep.
The perfect delineation of hand and feet actions….wow you’ll do it all flawlessly.
We guess this is where it all started.

Is BBT on your hot list to become a sure shot AMG seventh heaven?

AMG seventh heaven

Even more than that!
Why only restrict it to the AMGs…..
One is sure to have a gala time seeing the bellwether brand monikers exuding their territorial rights……
You can remember that by heart too on your next visit.

Competition any!

 G Wagon

Not for today by any chance!
The G has already been put on a pedestal.

Are you framing the list of glorified adjectives in favor of the G Wagon?

AMG’s charm

Not 1, not 2, not 3 ……….but many actually.
The AMG’s charm and might won’t be forgotten that easily.

How about a scintillating date with the G 63?

G 63

The practical reframing of your dreamt rendezvous with the colossal machine….yes that’s what we want.

What’s the family name you’ll be according to the mighty three pointed star?

speed meter

The pet name which you have crowned individually on other exotics in your possession but the G has the potential to surpass all expectations and be acclaimed as the ‘handpicked’ lifelong family companion for good.
Treat it on those lines.

How about a dramatic narration about your experience?

the G wagon

The way the G wagon has turned it around for you.
Drafting a heartfelt chronicle for the same will make you the renowned proclaimer of the exceptional streak for the German proficient.


G Wagon, Mercedes G 63 AMG

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