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  1. Flying Car Concepts that would leave you Awestruck

Flying Car Concepts that would leave you Awestruck

26th September 2016
Flying Car Concepts that would leave you Awestruck

Maybe it’s the Jetsons powered dream of “Back to the Future” or maybe we are just the lucky generation, whatever it is, flying cars may not be a dream anymore.

Flying cars have been the subject of fantasy of every petrol head. If you’re passionate about cars, if the sight of a Lamborghini, Ferrari or BMW gets your adrenaline rushing, then it is no surprise that you must have dreamt of flying cars. The thought of owning or riding a flying car must have crossed your mind. And just like many of us, you must have also wondered “Is this really possible?” “Would I be able to see real flying cars in my life?” If we are to believe the news going around, and the recent developments going around in the automobile world, the answer would have to be a YES. There are many such automobile companies that are at present trying models of flying cars for the market. So, it really does seem like flying cars are soon planning to take off.

Are Flying Cars the future of Automobile world? Quite possible. The aim of these flying cars would be to create a combination of a car and an airplane but also something that is commercially viable. The very first model is likely to be a two-seater with a range of 435-mile, 81 miles per hour take off speed and an autopilot function.

Traffic jams are the most painful experiences of anyone’s day. We spend hours on the road stuck in bad jams. If only there was a way. To find a solution to the problem this problem, we must all look to the sky.

So, let’s look at the five most fascinating Flying Car Concepts that are sure to give you the Goosebumps:

Terrafugia-TF-X-flying-car Source:

1.Terrafugia TF-X flying car concept: This company has taken the lead in developing Flying car concept for production of masses. The car is a mixture of an aircraft and a land car. The Flying car is supposed to be sold for a minimum of $279,000. This is just the basic price, as there would be some additional expenses too. But, once the dream of the Flying car is materialized the cost would not hurt so much. It would be a semi autonomous car which would have the capacity to seat four people.

AeroMobil-flying-car-prototype Source:

2.AeroMobil flying car prototype: This is yet another company that is planning to take transportation to the next level. The company has developed a model with a speed of 200km/h and a road speed of 160km/h. The prototype is such that it has the capability of transforming from an automobile to an aircraft within seconds. As a car, it would easily fit into a normal parking space. It would also use the regular fuel, and would function on the road just like a normal car would. As an aircraft, it would be able to use any airport. Along with that, it would also have the technology to take off or land on a paved surface which is only some hundred meters long.

SkyRider-X2R Source:

3.SkyRider X2R: MACRO industries is testing out a prototype which is made from lightweight materials. You would also find a control system as well as a computer that would allow you to create a travel plan for your flying car. And if that wasn’t enough, it would also provide a technology to monitor air traffic that would help you to choose the best route.

So, Flying cars are not fiction anymore. In fact, if you’ve got enough money to spare, you can buy a prototype. We can’t wait for the time when flying cars would become a means of transportation, can you?


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