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  1. Supercars For Superstars

Supercars For Superstars

12th February 2016
Supercars For Superstars

All our lives we have idolised, dreamt about, wished to be like some or the other superstars. The flamboyance, the aura and the kind of luxurious life that they live has fascinated us since times immemorial. Girls have seamlessly hawked female superstar's fashion sense and guys have wondered if they could snatch even an ounce of the dashing personalities these male superstars have.

Amongst many things that add up to their luxury, these superstars are known for the amazing supercars that they own. Although they have a line of luxurious cars waiting in their backyard to be driven, here is a list of some mind blowing luxury cars owned by the most sought after people in this planet:

1 - Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's GMC Yuko car Source:

Who better to start with none other than Vin Diesel himself. Seven years of playing Dominique where his toy for all his adventures being Dodge in the famous The Fast and the Furious series, he has come to be associated with the fastest and the best cars. While his quotes on cars and racing are breaking the internet, the hunk breaks the roads with his suited-to-his-personality ride GMC Yukon. We expected a beast Vin, but like your movies you have managed to out do our expectations.

2 - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Started his career as a WWE champion with his ring name as 'The Rock'. Back then everybody fell for his one eyebrow cocked and a smirk for a smile look and now? Well there are so many reasons where his movies and his quirky dialogues being one of them. Dwayne has also starred in the famous Fast and the Furious series and gained much popularity for his Hulk like persona. As for the his ride, it is none other than Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. Swag shall never be compromised.

3 - Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat Source:

Well have you been thrown off balance? Are you feeling shocked? Do you think this is the most bizarre post ever? Don't worry! We felt all of the same things when we heard the news. Yes the best news of all times is Mallika Sherawat owns a Lamborghini Aventador SV. While Kim Kardashian broke the internet with ahem things, our very own Miss Sherawat broke the internet and few hearts of luxury car enthusiasts by posting the image of her all new Lambo. Not to miss her post was retweeted by Lamborghini official. Now isn't THAT a shocker!

4 - Shahrukh - The King Khan

Shahrukh - The King Khan Source:

King Khan! The Baadshah of Bollywood! The God of Romance! The owner of Bentley Continental GT! Oh wait what?! Yes. The man who is no less than god for many owns a Wheel God himself. Although there are lot other fascinating beauties in his backyard such as BMW convertible and Rolls Royce but out of the lot what stopped our breaths was definitely Bentley. From now on as much as we idolise King Khan there'll be a little bit of envy but of course the good kind.

5 - Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Source:

The football Rockstar representing Real madrid sure has a taste of finest luxuries. CR7 loves to live life king size or we can say Super size! With his collection supercars no one can absolutely deny this fact. From Audi to BMW to Porsche to Lamborghini you name it, he owns it. But star from his collection of supercars is definitely his white colour Ferrari 599 GTO. Well he definitely knows how to make you swoon not just by his skills on the field.



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