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About Nissan

Nissan Motor Company is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer that offers the GTR (oh yes we are focusing on exotics) – one in many excelling in quality, technology, luxury craftsmanship and speed.

A suitable alliance between Nissan- Renault- Mitsubishi has ensured positive returns for the Japanese brand in totality and a new base for fresh product launches on a wider scale globally catering to all segments.

The thunderous unfurling. You’ll only get to witness it at the heaven of supercars, Big Boy Toyz


  • Nissan GT-R

    - The legacy scripter who doesn’t like to get involved in cut throat paddock battles. We just realized that this extends to all predefined supercar fronts!


The Thrill of driving a Pre owned exotic Nissan

Yes it can happen!

If you are thinking about a pre owned exotic Nissan then it must be the double timer GTR falling on your radar scale.

Who makes it possible, it is Big Boy Toyz!  Procuring the most fancied Japanese breakneck runner from out of nowhere is a part of its everyday dictionary to be very honest.

No worries on the part of “behind the scenes” checkings and verifications as BBT will smoothly eradicate all speculations.

Pricing.....that’s competitive because its an in house thing to entangle you with a flurry of surprises at every end.

Wanting a full episodic run in the city of Hyderabad?

Just a snapshot of the famed Nissan GTR a.k.a Godzilla involved in the virtuoso city street depictions in your imagination will make you dial the hotline number of Big Boy Toyz Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

No second thoughts on this one though as our expert sales team will quickly enable you to grasp the trick of the trades to make the GTR a revered piece of machinery.

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