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Looking to buy a used Lamborghini car in Kolkata ? Well, look no more…

Beauty with brain it is, and yes it loves only speed!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Lamborghini car

The brand Lamborghini does not need any introduction. It is recognised all over the world as a premium luxury sports car. This brand offers incomparable driving experience and fantastic performance.

All the models of Lamborghini are designed for their unmatchable performance and superior looks. Lamborghini has a huge fan base around the world who desires to own one of its models that will let them have the ultimate driving experience. The badge of Lamborghini guarantees the best driving experience.

Thanks to its well-known quality and performance parameters there is a huge demand for second hand Lamborghini cars in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a top-end pre-owned luxury car, then you should go for a Lamborghini car to enjoy the experience that you had never before.

Big Boy Toyz - Pre-owned Lamborghini Cars at Amazing Prices

If you look at a gleaming Lamborghini racing on the highway, you will dream about owning one of these beauties and experiencing the unmatched driving experience. The prices of these cars are beyond the reach of most of the middle-class Indians.

However, if you are still determined to own a Lamborghini but your budget may not be enough, then you should look at used luxury car market. We, the Big Boy Toyz are one of the biggest dealers in India.

We have many pre-owned Lamborghini cars in almost perfect condition. Every single car that is displayed at our showrooms is tested and is verified by a registered engineer to be in excellent condition. Some of the models that we display in our showroom are as follows:

We offer you pre-owned Lamborghini cars in excellent conditions. Some of them include:

  • Gallardo

    - Gallardo, which means a fighting bull, is an apt name for this high-performance car which is available both as 2-seater coupe or a 2-seater roadster.
  • Murcielago

    - This aerodynamically designed sports car is the rightful successor of the Diablo. It offers an unparallel driving experience.
  • Huracan

    - This model is a successor of the Gallardo that offers a trailblazing performance.
  • Aventador

    - This powerful performer equipped with a 6.5 liters V12 engine is a dream to drive. Its beautiful looks, powerful engines, top-notch safety features make it one of the best high-performance cars on the road.

Second Hand Lamborghini Cars at BBT - Luxury Cars at Great Prices!

At Big Boy Toyz showroom in Kolkata, you will find second hand Lamborghini cars that are in great condition and are available at highly reduced prices.

So, come and buy the car of your choice and enjoy your time riding on it.

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