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  1. BMW i Series

Planning to buy a used BMW i Series car? Take a look

Best range in electric cars, BMW i Series is not something you’d like to miss!

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About BMW i Series

BMW does not produce cars; it produces artifacts that dilate the pupils once they come out on road. Be it popular BMW M series or charismatic i Series, the brand has never failed to give car aficionados a memorable treat to watch. Like its fascinating history, each car from this brand has a fascinating story behind it which when seen with the model makes it a memorabilia worth cherishing for eternity. It’s no surprise then that this brand is the most popular one in the market of cars in India and abroad.

Pre-Owned BMW i Series, a lineup you wouldn’t like to miss!

The i Series of BMW was specifically founded to give the customers plug-in electric cars that would be made and named under this category. Till now, only two models have been brought out under i Series which are i3 and i8. Both the models were unveiled at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. i3 and i8 are marvels to behold. The beautiful bodies of these cars can be contrasted with the sporting interior and performance.

While the features would easily lure car fanatics towards these cars, owning them is not that easy. The only two in the segment, these cars carry a heavy price which would easily do a hole in your pocket. But as they say, where there’s will, there’s way. You might not be able to buy new cars but you can definitely buy a used BMW i Series car. All you have to do is visit Big Boy Toyz showroom located at the highway of Delhi and Gurgaon.

Before you go on to shell out your money on a pre-owned BMW i Series up for sale, we would like to list down some amazing features the brand offers:

Design - One look at the car under the i Series would make you utter the word “perfect”. It low and wide front is silhouetted to the rest of the body and gives the car a sportier look. For i8, the company website mentions, ‘the BMW i8 demonstrates the interplay of these ideals: hugging the ground and in the unrivalled form you expect of a BMW’ and we couldn’t agree more.

LED headlights - Applying the typical i-U shaped frame, the cars in the series contain a daytime running lights and a built-in indicator. The distinctive laser light technology increases the range of the high beam headlights and enhances its illumination intensifying the effect.

Drool over doors - The significantly distinctive ‘scissor door’ in i8 has become a trademark symbol for the car. The scissor door swings upwards giving the car a stylish look. With a body made of aluminum, carbon, and thermoplastic, the cars in this series are lightweight.

Interior - Carbon body reduces the weight by a considerable percentage. The seats of the cars in this series have a low seating position which in turn provides reliable support and comfort at the corners.

Second Hand BMW i Series car for sale is the best news you'll hear today!

From its iconic headquarters to wonderful cars, BMW has established itself as a household name. It’s just that those households than can afford to keep a luxury car like the ones offered by the brand are really lavish. Well, a classy individual always goes for class. But there are ways you too can own a car by this brand.

As mentioned earlier, all you have to do to make your dream come true is to visit Big Boy Toyz showroom. The showroom is leading the market of pre-owned exotic cars and would easily get you your second-hand BMW i Series available for sale at the best price. Uncompromising on quality, the cars in the showroom before being put on sale undergo a strict process of checking and only after they are well-certified and verified, are they given to the customers. The customers can also visit its boutique in Delhi to experience the taste of luxury.

So, visit the showroom now and grab your car!

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