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  1. Bentley
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Looking to buy a used Bentley car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

Monarchy of Perfection


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Bentley car

There will always be an automatic magnetic calling towards the handcrafted luxury and splendor originating from the big gun B from Britain known as Bentley.

Oops, pronounce it with a mannerly intent to green signal the first attempts of rapport building.

Bentley is like a second hypnagogic work of genius to be chartered in your good books for fantasy dreaming.


Before we are at a loss of words to describe its sheer aura, let’s come to the underlying subject of consideration.

The luxury of pre owned, used and new Bentley

Yes, you need not be surprised at the choice of owning a Bentley. For Big Boy Toyz has made it a lot easier. A coachman of the organised used luxury car market, the Bentleys it offers will be the prodigious and remarkable ones, why.......due to fact they have been made more exotic just by being in the caring possession of BBT.

Rightly fitting your budget needs, the Bentleys in tip top condition at Big Boy Toyz strive to meet your nitpicking parameters quite well as there won’t be any other lucky day in your life to get the freedom to examine them in close quarters.

  • Continental GT

    - The classical masterpiece from Britain gathers noteworthy admiration and respect for standing the test of times and emerging as a heartiest choice at the end of the day.
  • Bentley Flying Spur

    - The Flying Spur exudes a priceless ownership experience that is simply a fact to reckon with and acknowledge for the crème-la-crème of the society.  You’ve dreamt of owning it all your life and now the time arrives when you announce your arrival in style.


Why would you engage in a level ten cerebration for your next English pride when one of the shortlisted options is the fab Bentley……


For a second, just focus on the deliverables!!!

You’ll be known as the great Bentley guy with a prime commanding in Bangalore and having dealt with Big Boy Toyz for this ethereal masterpiece would even make your peers walk in the same stride as yours.

Leaving behind a fine English aura, the Bentley surely jaunts with a meticulous plan of action in mind to slowly and steadily integrate its award winning spree with the innovate spirit of Bangalore.

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