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  1. The Exotic Garage of the Run Machine: Virat Kohli

The Exotic Garage of the Run Machine: Virat Kohli

28th December 2016
The Exotic Garage of the Run Machine: Virat Kohli

Representing your country on an international platform in any domain or sporting event is a matter of great pride, prestige and honour and when the game happens to be cricket, it can send the fans into frenzied excitement and they are just glued to their TV sets till the last ball.

But Obvious!!!

Now legends are associated with every sporting activity and this game has had a rich history of producing some of the finest players of India, like Sachin Tendulkar,Rahul Dravid ,Anil Kumble and Saurav Ganguly, all who have won accolades for their performance worldwide.

But records are meant to be broken and it is none other than Virat Kohli who has set bigger milestones in his career span.

His sheer might and willpower to face the opponent in testing times has always proved fruitful and led India to victory.

What’s the success mantra?

2-Stylish_Look_of_Viratsource - hdnicewallpapers

The never let go attitude, hard-work, focus and determination of this Delhi lad has contributed to his undisputed success in the game.

The spectators are assured of a win-win situation based on his solo efforts.

His quest for runs also extends to his choice of cars, being an Audi lover that he is.

If we draw a parallel between him and the German car manufacturer, both represent class, elegance, innovation, advancement, quality and, off course, a huge fan following.

By the way, these characteristics describe how Virat modifies his game every time according to the opponent.

3-kohli-with-yellow-audisource - hdpicswale

Audi India’s marketing strategy primarily depends upon featuring Bollywood stars and cricketing legends along with organizing events and showcasing the performance of their cars in movies that has really paid off because since the time they entered our country and set up base here, the other two German Rivals were well ahead in terms of sales, brand awareness and model acceptance but Audi has caught up swiftly and is the most preferred luxury brand in current times.

A racer pedigree at heart!!!
3-kohli-with-yellow-audisource - ianshindi

Audi has a large number of sports cars in its product portfolio in India including the S5,R6 Avant ,RS7 Sportback and R8 which have some tremendous amount of bhp and torque on tap that can readily burn the rubber with their instant acceleration.

Audi arranges media drives of these supersonic beauties on the Buddh International Circuit along with getting the Bollywood actors and celebrities to endorse, with Virat being the most popular and having driven most of these cars, making this luxury brand one of the obvious choices.

source - YouTube

Till now whatever you have read above describes a strong relationship between the well-known personalities and Audi.

But have we told you that how many cars does Virat own from the Audi stable???

Being a proud owner of the time tested Q7 he got his hands on the Audi R8 LMX , a sports car whose production is limited to 99 units worldwide and is priced at Rs 2.97 Crores .

source - YouTube

It is simply the world’s most fastest production supercar and here in India has set its own benchmark & prestige keeping in mind a huge fan following.

If we talk about the technical specifications of the car, it will simply leave you spellbound because this car has a naturally aspirated V10 high revving engine and if the sound from the exhausts remind you of a Lamborghini then don’t be surprised.

The heart is a 5.2-litre petrol motor that gains additional 20bhp in comparison to the R8 Plus so as a result the 0-100Kmph timing is of 3.4 seconds and top speed is pegged at 320 km/hr.

5-maxresdefaultsource - ytimg

So this reflects the sportiness along with passion & enthusiasm to own and drive a supercar in town. Actually both being similar in nature, Virat is regarded as a run machine who breaks records in no time and so does the R8 which gathers pace at the blink of an eye.

An epitome of safety & luxury

source - YouTube

Coming to his next prized possession, this product from the four-ringed German manufacturer is greatly admired by leaders, corporates, diplomats and VIPs worldwide.

The reason is because it is positioned high up in Audi’s Portfolio and is a fondness for the cream of crop and such is the aura and presence of this car that you are instantly reminded of the movie Transporter.

An impression may have appeared in your mind and it is none other than the Audi A8L W12 6.3L Quattro with a mammoth 494bhp at 6200rpm and 625Nm at 4750rpm priced at over Rs. 2 Crores on road Delhi

.Literally a beast and powerhouse on beast with a tank like build quality meant to provide sheer comfort to the passengers and the best safety technology around.

This had to be Virat’s obvious choice because an image is portrayed in the fan’s subconscious minds that the right-handed batsman stands and fights like a wall till the end.

Similarly, the A8L W12 Quattro proclaims to be one of the segment leader in safety, protection and performance and meeting expectations of the buyer every time a journey is undertaken.

6-super-cars-imports-indiasource - team-bhp

So in the end, Virat Kohli’s passion for cars and performance in Cricket is simply unbeatable and that is one of the prime reasons we have millions of people following the game diligently and in all forms.

It is his sheer hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that has lifted him to such great heights and on reaching such a platform, he deserves being driven in super exotic cars like the R8 LMX and A8L W12 Quattro.

Whether be it the magnificent strokes or the captaincy skills on field, Kohli truly shows that he is the master of the game. He is the boss!


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