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  1. Jobs in the Auto Industry that will Make You Quit Your Current Job!

Jobs in the Auto Industry that will Make You Quit Your Current Job!

10th January 2017
Jobs in the Auto Industry that will Make You Quit Your Current Job!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work on things which really excite us, things which make us get up in the middle of the night? We have wondered for a while, about what would be the best job for car lovers. Of Course, it would be perfect if we could be an F1 driver, driving the fastest cars on the planet, hogging all the limelight and making millions. Honestly, that will be the dream job for any car lover but F1 car racing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires inhuman strength for all the G-force F1 drivers go through in each lap and a samurai like focus to keep at it, around the year, season after season.

The best job for normal car lovers is what Mr. Valentino Balboni did for forty years. Having trouble understanding who he is? Well, he was the chief test driver of Lamborghini till 2008, having served Lambo for a good 40 years. He started out in 1968 as a mechanic for Lamborghini and was asked by Lamborghini’s owner Ferruccio Lamborghini to test drive the new cars coming out of the factory.

the chief test driver of Lamborghinisource - sevenroadsclub

It is said that Balboni has driven almost 80% of all Lamborghini ever built. This is what we are talking about. A job which pays to test drive a Lambo and report problems in it. Pure car love can sustain a man in the such a job for forty years! He even has a Lamborghini with his name, a 2009 Gallardo line-up called the LP550-2 Valentino Balboni.

Bob Wallace from New Zealand is another person who did some amazing jobs in his heydays that would make any car lover jealous. Also attributed as the chief test driver for Lamborghini, he was known as the trouble shooter in the Lamborghini factory and even attended to duties such as road engineering. He contributed to three lightweight Lamborghini while he was there and was accustomed to impromptu races with Maserati and Ferrari drivers.

Bob Wallace from New Zealandsource - cafespa

Most car lovers can only dream of driving a supercar and getting paid for it. Becoming a test driver for an F1 team is the best thing that can happen to a car lover. However, you can’t just walk into Ferrari’s office and ask them to let you drive their million dollar beauties! The best way to find a test driver job is to first try to get a job with car manufacturers. That job can be a driver or a mechanic or some other oddball job that would keep you near to cars.

For noobs best place to start with would be normal car manufacturers and getting a job with them. This is the best way to start learning about how a car is manufactured from ground up. If you have passion and perseverance then you can find your way through to become a test driver for a great car company like BMW or Ferrari. It will be a slow journey but if you are sure-footed and determined then not an impossible journey.

And if you are a parent wanting your sons and daughters to go into the mesmerising world of supercars then start them early. Get them to work with you in the garage, take them for Go Karting and share with them your passion for cars. Do a Dangal and make your dreams theirs and their targets your life goals.

Go Karting source - adventuresetups

Another way to find how you can work in any of the prestigious car company like BMW, Ferrari etc. is to keep looking on job portals and company website for an opportunity. Sometimes you might get lucky! Though a lot of these companies usually hire local talent or people who graduate from prestigious universities. Best hack for this is to study in a university near towns where these companies are located. Studying in Italy or Germany would be a good choice as a lot of sought after car makers have factories as well as main headquarters in these two countries.



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Comments (4)

Vijay shamrma

I want to job this automobile industry


Sumeet kumar

I'm a very good driver and little knowlege about cars I can drive straight and in back also I love racing without giving a single scratch . I know drif ting also .I'm from banglore .what should I do.


Chirag vashist

Sir I am very eager to get a job in auto industry it's my dream


Brijesh kashyap

Hello dear sir.mam My name is brijesh kashyap I have been trying for a long time, I have a 9-year experience for the job, if this job is found in me, my dream will be fulfilled.


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