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  1. “I don’t do Arab Jokes, do you know why..?
    Well because I don’t wanna die………..”

“I don’t do Arab Jokes, do you know why..?
Well because I don’t wanna die………..”

08th August 2017
“I don’t do Arab Jokes, do you know why..?<br> Well because I don’t wanna die………..”

Russell Peters once said;

“I don’t do Arab Jokes, do you know why?…
Well because I don’t wanna die………..”

Welcome to the Middle East where even Superman would sweat,

Where your sense of humor might just proclaim your last day on Earth, where extravagance has an extravagant level of existence and no superlative is super enough to experience the larger than life formats and parameters for the normal world to perceive.

So, are the Middle Easterns serious…..

source - you tube

Well that’s Arab humor for you.

source - you tube

The lunacy on tarmac is almost poetic in nature,
A fluency of art, as if it was done by ‘Mr. Sheikhs-peare’

I am sure the petro-head in you went like”WHAAAAT!” , so here is a little explanation as to how on Earth is a FWD Honda sliding around like a Corolla GT86, straight out of Formula Drift, comic strip.

So, the avid Arab Driver, displays a show of strength proving his superior levels of testosterone, by taking the Honda to almost 220Kmph and then almost with the agility and grace of a squirrel he flings the unsuspecting Honda into a Scandinavian flick. The unsuspecting Honda on the other hand starts whizzing and twirling almost as if the Gentleman Arab, grabbed her by the waist and gave her a little twirl and before she knows it she is all head over heels.

Making FWD’s behave as a RWD is not rare, check out the Japanese Cousins for reference:-

source - you tube

And the honorable mentions would be the “Car on a Tray’

source - you tube

Since, the ages men have always tried to slide things around get a little wiggle into the mix, the above mentioned version are no exception, but we at Big Boy Toyz do not support irresponsible driving but we definitely support the love. Therefore we advise you:-

“Do try this at home atleast; if you live in the wild Middle East”

source - i.ytimg

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