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  1. 15 Celebrities Garages of all time to make you drool worthy

15 Celebrities Garages of all time to make you drool worthy

25th October 2017
15 Celebrities Garages of all time to make you drool worthy

Is a garage just another place to park your car or put some junk and forget about it?

Surely not for these celebrities who have their most loved exotic four wheeled possessions royally parked in it.

And they take extra pains and efforts to make the parking space look worthy to do justice to the high end offerings housed in them. So let’s take a glimpse into the garages of these fifteen top celebrities:-

Paul Walker

Paul Walker Carsource - wallpapercave

A star and a true icon, the legendary and revered actor of the famous and popular ‘Fast and Furious’ series was indeed a true car passionate.

This is well exemplified by his exuberant garage which houses more than thirty exotic car brands from all across the world including Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and the list is neverending.

Desire for some action packed street racing?

Paul Walker’s frenzied setup in picturessource - doubledgarage

Well that’s the incomparable feeling when you lay eyes on Paul Walker’s frenzied setup in pictures that gives your adrenaline rush a mighty thrust for sure. It was indeed tragic for the car enthusiasts as Paul Walker’s unfortunate death resulted in over thirty of his priced- possessions being stolen from the garage by his associate, Richard Taylor, by moving them to different undisclosed locations in an attempt to extract money from the family.

This was soon followed by a lawsuit against the culprit in the year 2015 and later on the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed the suit when an amicable solution and consensus was reached upon by both the parties.

Walker’s fancied machinessource - pcwallart

The year 2014 saw some of Walker’s fancied machines being sold at an auction, only with a speculation as to what remains in store for the remaining cars.

A mouthwatering collection, some of the distinct models that call for a noteworthy applause are a lively orange colored 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 2004 GMC truck, three exclusive examples of the E30 generation M3s and a 2008 M3.

Craig Jackson

An enthusiastic car collector, Craig Jackson was the chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Collector Carsource - st.motortrend

An enthusiastic car collector, Craig Jackson was the chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction who along with Tom Barrett took reins of the company back in 1971. Widely known for selling cars for over $1 billion indeed helped the entrepreneur to passionately build his own unique car collection. Residing in an estate in Scottdale, Jackson had constructed a garage for his cars behind his palatial mansion on a hillside. A circular shaped construction boasting of leather walls and terrazzo floor coating, it is equipped with a climate control setting for hot and cold days along with a dedicated space for each car, which is in fact one of its kind.

To conceptualize such a novel idea and make it happen speaks volumes of Craig’s meticulous acumen and intellectual abilities which do play an inspirational role for the people who wish to make a mark for themselves.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla Cars Collectionsource - blogcdn

The famous American Comedian makes a profound impact with his mammoth sized car garage. He is not behind in the list and scores extra brownie points in aptly designing his parking lot.

Polished floors with fancy styled painted steel beams which are meticulously positioned on the ceiling, do make an attractive picture.

Adam really is a connoisseur of fine things!

The side walls are decorated with memorabilia that have a special place in Adam’s heart and duly take you down the memory lane.

Adam Carolla Cars Collectionsource - forbes

A perfect place to rejuvenate with your friends and are you wondering if you were a close companion of Adam? We surely wish to be one!

James Glickenhaus

James Glickenhaus Celebrities Garagessource - i.kinja

The director of the much acclaimed action based film Exterminator has a fond liking for the prancing horse Ferrari, the temptation being too much to resist has made him collect its flurry of enticing models. With this, his passion for cars has taken a huge step forward that saw him build an uncommon garage consisting of hoods of renowned vintage cars to hold his ever large car collection.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Celebrities Garagessource - wordpress

A multifaceted individual, Ralph Lauren is a well -known philanthropist, fashion designer and a business executive and is one of the 233rd richest persons in the world according to the Forbes magazine. His craze and affection for rare automobiles has made him a big sensation around the globe.

Ralph Lauren Celebrities Garagessource -

To begin with, his new- fangled idea of an underground garage could not be made practical as the area desired wasn’t feasible to accommodate sixty of his exotic cars.

Later on, a conversation with a car technician led him to discover the potentiality of a two storey car dealership in Manchester which was later transformed into a customized garage based on Ralph’s liking and preference.
It was completely overhauled to give it a museum like feel with black flooring, white pillars, stainless steel counters with halogen lamps and more of the like.

source - you tube

Ralph’s car collection is surely to be noticed and some of the popular models include a 1962 Ferrari GTO, a classic Mercedes Benz SL 300 Gullwing, a Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and a 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia, to name a few. His exotics have been crowned for the ‘Best in Show’ at an automobile charitable event twice held at Pebbles Beach, California. His cars took centre stage at the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in the year 2005.

And in the year 2017, Ralph’s $350 million dollar car collection hogged the limelight at the New York Fashion Week. Exciting! Isn’t it?

Jon Shirley

Jon Shirley Celebrities Garagessource - supercars.agent4stars

He always dreamt and fantasized about automobiles as a teenager. The required motivation to pursue his interest and liking in automobiles came with his first four wheeled possession, the Sunbeam Alpine.

Jon Shirley Celebrities Garagessource - xboxlive

A staunch Ferrari enthusiast, Jon has a strong brand affinity for the selected and renowned classic prancing horse models for they have made a strong name in the historical race events, proven ownership track record and are also a special collector’s item for ardent brand lovers, with him being one of them.

A former President of Microsoft in 1980’s, the company took a turn to be a publicly traded unit under his influential leadership that brought immense success and glory for the firm.

source - you tube

A word on his car collection!

Some of the exclusive models in his garage include a 1967 275 GTS Spyder and a 1954 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe with the latter winning the Best of Show at the Pebbles Beach Concours d'Elegance.
His quest of collecting rare and exotic Ferraris for his garage since childhood has indeed been realized!

Tim Allen

Tim Allen Celebrities Garagessource - speednik

Popularly recalled as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from the television show Home Improvement and Mike Baxter from the Last Man standing episode series, the famous American actor and comedian Tim Allen strikes a perfect chord with the enthusiasts as regards to his fondness for cars.

His out of the box collection comprises of toy cars he possessed as a kid to some of the old age American classics such as the Ford RS200, a Cadillac dated to the 1950’s and an alluring Shelby Corba to spice up his garage.

Jerry Seinfeld

Tim Allen Celebrities Garagessource - classiccarlabs

Another revered American actor, comedian, writer, director and producer joins the list of celebrities having a next level infatuation for exotic cars. What sets Jerry Seinfeld apart is that garage has not got its share of popularity due to the simple fact that it has a masked presence and to reveal the surprise element one has to go three storeyed down to his subterranean garage where 46 Porsches greet you including a rare 959 and a 1955 550 Spyder and the first ever 911 to be made.

A wide 844 sq feet area accommodates a pool table, kitchen, bathroom, office and a club room too.
An entire tailor made setup that even has a climate control function which is operational from Jerry’s mobile phone.

Truly tech savvy!

Floyd Mayweather

source - you tube

One of the most renowned boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather has shown his metal in the number of matches he has won and the titles he has been crowned throughout his career. Success has surely struck a chord with the star performer who has the one of the most exuberant exotic garages to boast of.

source - you tube

ESPN did an exclusive tour of his $15 million dollar garage in the city of Las Vegas which houses two stunning Ferraris, a Lamborghini, McLaren and three Bugattis. This really makes Mayweather stand apart when it comes to choosing the best and he truly deserves it. In the year 2015, the American magazine Forbes reported his fee to be $32 million in his retirement match against Andre Berto which took his earnings to an astounding $700 million.

Surely sky is the limit!

John Travolta

John Travolta Celebrities Garagessource - pinimg

A renowned Hollywood figure of the 1970s, John Travolta made a mark for himself with his outstanding and commendable acting, dancing and on stage performance and so is the case with the star’s thrilling exotic parking lot that takes you by surprise.

His palatial estate in Florida takes the cherry on the cake with 15 magnificent cars, a private jet, a jumbo jet liner and two amazing 1.4 mile runways.
Live Life king size!

source - you tube

The celebrity is a certified pilot and a proud owner of 5 aircrafts! His house has been cleverly designed for the jets keeping in mind that Travolta can fly off to anywhere in the world without having to go to the airport.

Now this is called pure indulgence and we are pretty sure that you would want a day’s tour of his extravagant garage that will leave you awestruck and begging for more.

Jack Olsen

Jack Olsen Celebrities Garagessource - st.hotrod

A Porsche fanatic, Jack counting on his automotive expertise and experience took to building a beautiful 400 square foot garage with a budget of $32000. Widely known as the ’12 Gauge Garage’ Jack is of the opinion that even the minutest of details have been extensively worked upon and thought upon to derive maximum work pleasure and utility.

Jack Olsen Celebrities Garagessource - cimg1.ibsrv

The technicalities and ergonomics too have been designed with utmost caution and precision which lends Jack immense satisfaction while working on his classic 1972 Porsche 911.

And the best thing about the garage is that it is cheap, homemade and second hand or repurposed & on the lines of completely do it yourself.

Tom Gonzales

source - you tube

The founder and former owner of Commerce One, is credited with having a breathtaking underground garage which he acquired by selling off the company and pursuing his inherent passion for exotic bikes and cars.

A resident of Nevada, Tom proudly calls his garage, which is a 6000 square feet underground chamber, the ‘Toy Box’ which houses a collection of $5 million and terms his favorite hobby of collecting cars and bikes an art.

The high end bikes in his garage are edition bikes which have not been ridden by anyone and this surely ups the exclusivity and distinctive appeal of the mighty possessions.

Francis Wisniewski

Francis Wisniewski Celebrities Garagessource - wordpress

The managing partner of the Hard 8 Venture Capital knows it all when it comes to coming out with the most attractive and appealing designs for car garages. Having purchased a Chicago pad with a garage in 2007, Francis worked upon modifying its design for 9 days and to make it a reality, involved a time period of 9 months.

Francis Wisniewski Celebrities Garagessource - wordpress

His garage ranks number 7 amongst the world’s most expensive garages. What makes it more interesting is that 15 of his cars are stacked one above the other to save space and portray an uncluttered look.

Surely, a delight for the keen eye!

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri Celebrities Garagessource - restomods

A chef by profession who’s love for classic cars and street food knows no limits. And a sneak peek into his customized garage can make one go crazy with joy and excitement.

We guess you’ve started framing a picture in your mind and here’s more to catapult your senses.

Guy Fieri Celebrities Garagessource - diy.sndimg

A 42 inch flat screen, bar, road themed wall art, diner table with matching tools, beer-keg cooler and hoods of two classic Chevelles to cover the television when not in use.

Guy Fieri’s garage has that typical roadside diner theme which will certainly appeal to youngsters who wish to hang out with close buddies on their fancied long night drives.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno Celebrities Garagessource - businessinsider

“Charity is not a duty but a joy”
A quote which is well exemplified by the late night comedian who loves collecting exotic cars together with involving himself in noble charitable causes!

Did you know that there is an entrance fee to his 17000 square foot garage in South California which comprises of a fully equipped kitchen, machine and a fabrication shop!

Jay Leno Celebrities Garagessource - i2.cdn.turner

The ticket charge for exclusive guests is $100 each and the proceedings are donated to the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance. A true philanthropist!

Jay Leno Celebrities Garagessource - deepeningmindfulness

A sound investment of time and money to give your cars the best!

So we no longer think of the garage as a dark and a dingy place housing a dirty old car. It has truly got a new meaning now.


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