What the Warning Lights of Your Car Say?

Apr 04, 2018
What the Warning Lights of Your Car Say?

We all love to be behind the wheel and when it is a luxury car, the excitement fourfold. Imagine you just push the start button bringing the car into life and suddenly your display shows a tiny illumination. And the worst is when you don't know what the sign is for and suddenly you take out your phone to Google what the sign actually means.

Somewhere in life, we all have been there. The unwanted dashboard warning indicator is enough to ruin your full day plan, though many of the signs simply means either a fault in the sensor or less fluid in the system, few of them could also mean mechanical sorrow. So, here is a small guide to introduce you to the world of these warning signs and indicators, so that next time you are aware what the sign actually means.

The unwanted dashboard warning indicator

Battery/Charge Warning: This sign indicates that the voltage is below the normal level due to which the charging system of the car does not function properly. Check for the alternator belt, battery terminals or better visit the nearby authorized service center.

Brake System Warning: This could either mean low brake fluid, the parking brake is on, problem in braking system or fault in ABS system. If the issue is with the ABS, then you will need a professional help.

ABS Warning: It means that the anti-lock brake system has set a code which can only be diagnosed by the mechanical expert.

Check Engine or MIL (Malfunctioning Indicator Light) Warning: It means DTC – diagnostic trouble code – which is the code set by the engine system. In layman language, this indicator hints towards an issue with your engine and need to be immediately taken care by the professional.

Malfunctioning Indicator Light

Oil Pressure Warning: It means that there is a loss of oil pressure and the level and pressure of oil need to be checked immediately.

Coolant Temp Warning: This means that the temperature of the engine has exceeded the set limit. Take an immediate look on the coolant level, radiator cap, fan operation or if there is any leakage in the coolant. Contact the service center for best help.

Transmission Temperature Warning: This indicates that the transmission fluid has temperature hotter than the set limit. Check its level along with coolant's level to look for the issue and if it still persists, then take your car to the service center.

Service Vehicle Soon Warning: If there is an issue with the Body Control Module's (BCM) controlled lighting system or other electrical problem. Take a look at all the lights, including turn signals, headlamps, hazard lights and brake lights. It may also mean a problem in traction control or synchronization problem between the modules.

problem in traction control

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning: Generally known as TPMS, this sign indicates low pressure in one of the tires or there is some malfunctioning with the sensor system.

Reduced Power Warning: This means that the power output of the engine is limited. It may be due to the failure of some of the components in its control system. You need to visit the service center.

Cruise Control: It means that the vehicle is using the cruise control mode.

ESP Fault Warning: This indicator indicates a problem with either the anti-skid/vehicle's traction control or electronic stability system.

ESP Fault Warning

Security Alert: In case your car's system illuminates this indicator momentarily, it might mean the ignition switch is still in the lock mode and it requires a proper transponder-equipped key to start again. And if the sign is on even when the vehicle is moving, then there might be some malfunctioning with the security system.

Traction Control or ESP Warning: If the road is slippery and the vehicle is using the traction control or electronic stability system, this indicator will light up.

Lamp Out Warning: If any of the exterior light of the system is not working properly, this sign will become visible on the centre console.

Door Ajar Warning: This means that any of the door(s), which include hood & trunk, are not closed properly. Ignoring this sign and leaving the vehicle unattended for long can end up in draining the battery.

Door Ajar Warning

Overdrive Light Warning: If the overdrive system of the vehicle is turned off manually, this sign will show up. In most of the cases, this system is operated by an on/off switch.

Airbag Fault Warning: If you turn on the vehicle and see this sign, it means that the safety system has detected a problem in the airbag system and a code has been set by the system. It is highly recommended to get it checked by the professional mechanic to avoid any danger to life.

Fog Lamp Warning: When the fog lamps are in use, this sign will illuminate.

Washer Fluid Reminder Warning: If the washer fluid is below the required level, you will find this indicator on your vehicle's centre console.

Washer Fluid Reminder Warning

Power Steering/EPAS Warning Light: If something is not right with the steering system, you will be greeted with this sign. It many result in the heaviness of the steering wheel, causing problem while changing the direction at high and low speeds.

Self-leveling Suspension System Warning: Whenever the system is lowering or raising the level of the car, this sign will illuminate. If this sign shows up frequently, you need to get your suspension system checked as they might be some fault in it.

Mercedes-Benz's Attention Assist Feature: Mercedes-Benz always believes in offering its customers something special onboard, which make the marque very much different from the other car makers. This attention assist feature is designed to make sure that the driver doesn't feel drowsy after a long drive and lit up to "have a break".

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