Facing Tough Time in Maintaining Your Cars Paint? Heres an Easy Escape

Apr 04, 2018
Facing Tough Time in Maintaining Your Cars Paint? Heres an Easy Escape

Be it an economy car or a luxury ride, their maintenance demands your precious time, which many-a-times becomes quite impossible for us, considering the heavy schedule we follow. However, as a responsible car owner, you must take care of the basic things that help in maintaining the vehicle you possess. Apart from taking care of the heart of the car, one must also focus on its exterior maintenance, which includes the paint that protects the vehicle’s body from dust, rust and scratches. Here are some basic tips that can help you in protecting the paint of your car, which in turn will increase the life of the vehicle’s body and may give great resale value.

Waxing is Essential

Car Waxing is Essentialsource-modelcarhub

Most of the luxury cars come with self-cleaning paints but if you think that they don’t need waxing timely, you are probably wrong. May be the frequency is much lesser as compared to the economy car but it too need waxing. Cars from the premium brands have costly paint jobs done on them but there is no paint job in the world that can relief you from the responsibility of shielding your car’s coating.

Say NO to Tree Sap

Say NO to Tree Sapsource -beforeitsnews

Another thing that you need to take care of, for guarding your car’s paint is the tree sap. The transparent sap can damage your car’s paint if not removed or washed away immediately. Tree sap if left unattended for few days can leave a permanent stain on your car’s body, which means that in a short span of time you need to give your car a paint job to maintain the beauty of the vehicle. And we all will agree that cars from premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc. won’t look good without a shining paint.

Protection from Sun

Protection from Sunsource -mustangsdaily

Avoid parking your car under the scorching heat of the sun as it might not only hamper the beauty of the car by eroding its paint but can also affect the car’s windshield. Simply treat your car in the manner you take care of your skin when dealing with sun. Exposing your car in sun for days is a complete No-No situation. Too much of sun will start fading your car’s paint prematurely and even the best paint job cannot save your car under this situation. To avoid all this, try parking your car under the shade as it will not only protect your car’s paint but its rubber trims and headlights as well.

Birdie Droppings

Birdie Droppingssource -wemotorcom

Of course, nobody wants his/her car to be ruined by the birds’ poop. But apart from their ugly look, the droppings are acidic in nature. This will lead to the corrosion of your car’s body slowly and gradually. However, it is quite impossible to deal with it completely as you cannot stop a bird from flying over your vehicle but all you can do is to clean your car regularly to avoid settling of birds’ droppings on your vehicle’s body.

Dust and Water

Dust and Watersource -media-cache

Apart from these visible threats, there are airborne threats too that can erode your car’s paint. For example, the ocean air has excess amount of salt in it and if you are living nearby, there are chances that your car’s paint may corrode because of this. Also, the dust particles can wear off the shine of your car. Though you cannot avoid such things, especially if you are living in such area, regular maintenance can help in safeguarding the paint of your car.

Regular Cleaning

Regular car Cleaningsource -personalcarservices

This is the thing that you must do on a regular basis without a long break. Very obvious it may sound but this is the key factor that can keep your car’s exterior well maintained and shiny. However, the regularity, quantity and frequency of the cleaning depend upon your usage of the car. If you are more into travelling, you must clean your car once in a two days time and if you are not using your frequently and loved it to be standing more into garage than running on road, the frequency and effort required in cleaning the car will be lesser.

These small yet essential steps will help in maintaining your car’s face value and appeal, especially if you are the proud owner of a luxurious car.</

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