How to Keep the Warranty of Your Car Unaffected?

Nov 24, 2017
How to Keep the Warranty of Your Car Unaffected?

Cars have made our lives easier and more comfortable. Travelling from one place to another is no more a troublesome task when we know our car is at our service 24x7. But have we ever given a thought how a car works? It is a complicated machine made out of several small parts arranged in a particular pattern to work in sync with each other. When we purchase a car, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which varies from brand to brand and make to make.

However, they may reject your claim at times giving you very insubstantial reasons. Let’s check out few of the cases where you may end up voiding your car’s warranty with the manufacturer and believe our words, this may cost you a hell lot of money, especially in case of a luxury car.

Untimely Service

The service period of each vehicle varies depending upon the time or the kilometers driven. Each company decides the service period based on the life of the parts used in the car. Hence, it is very important to get your car serviced on time so as to avoid any wear & tear of any part that in turn may damage other working parts of the car.

Local or Unauthorized Parts

Local or Unauthorized Parts

The first copy of many of the parts is available in the market at cheap rates. Never fall in that trap as the local and counterfeit parts can easily be recognized and the company can simply nullify your warranty based on that part.

Playing with Wires

Simply speaking, the thing that connects one part of the car to another in a piece of wire and even a slightest change in those wires can cause major problem in your vehicle. Either you are installing a high-end music system, high-powered lamps or changing the harness of the wire can lead to the cancellation of your warranty by the car manufacturer.

Modification to Enhance Performance

Many of us would love to modify our cars, especially sports cars or convertibles, to improve the efficiency of their engines. But one major thing that we completely ignore is that we are simply playing with the life of the car. Every manufacturer tunes the engine performance to that of the other parts of the car so as to maintain a healthy balance between them. If you modify your car to extract more power out of the motor, you are simply ending your warranty with the manufacturer.

External Modification

External Modification

Even modifying the structure of the car can lead to your car’s warranty getting void. Even the government has passed the rule in the recently approved MV Act that major modification in the car could lead to a heavy penalty on you. Such modifications can weaken the structure of the car’s body and can put your or other’s life in danger. Even if you are getting an aftermarket sunroof for your car, it can void your car’s warranty.

Experimenting with Car’s Performance

If you are really determined to test the endurance of your car, which is not meant for off-roading activity or rally race, you are simply playing with the warranty of your car. Such activities could leave a major damage to your car internally; hence the company may hold the right to cancel your warranty for the car.

Making Changes in the Size of Tires or Rim

Making Changes in the Size of Tires or Rim

If you are changing the size of the tires or rim of your car, which is of non-OEM size, you are simply ending the warranty period of your car with the carmaker. While designing a car, the manufacturer creates balance in the size of every part used in the car to make the car safe and to increase it life. Changing the original size of the tire or that of the rim can affect the handling and ride quality of your car, which in turn will impact the performance and life of the car.

Installing Aftermarket CNG/LPG Kits

To save few bucks, we generally end up installing the CNG or LPG kit from the market, which is not approved by the car maker. By doing this, you will not only hamper the performance of the car but will also put your life in danger as such changes could lead to the heating up of the engine. Such acts give the right to the manufacturer to void the warranty of the vehicle.

Wrong Fuel

Wrong Fuel

Hopefully you are sensible enough to not use wrong fuel in your car, unlike an MLA of Karnataka who just ended up paying a hefty price for injecting a wrong fuel in the fuel tank. Using petrol in a diesel car or vice versa could not only void your manufacturer’s warranty for the car but can also cause a major damage such as breaking of the fuel injection pump or overheating of the catalyst due to unburnt diesel or petrol.

Repairs from Unauthorized Service Centers

Getting your car serviced from unauthorized dealers or service centers could void your car’s warranty. The unprofessional or untrained workers at the service center could cause serious damage to the parts of your car. Hence, even if your car causes problem on the road, either call the help from the authorized service center or take the road side assistance to take your vehicle to the nearest authorized service center.

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