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  1. McLaren P1: The Widowmaker

McLaren P1: The Widowmaker

04th March 2016

McLaren has been known from eternity for manufacturing the best sports cars of its league. Known for its utmost engineering expertise, McLaren isn’t just a brand but an institution in itself. The latest Hypercar the P1 is stealing the show at Geneva Motor show and stealing the hearts of the people too. The successor of the F1, this P1 seems to be a promising hypercar of an era. Economical and fast, as in really FAST. That is how reviewers are defining the all new McLaren. In the video, this mind blowingly fast beauty is tested on the spa racetrack in Belgium. The entire sight of it, the car and the racetrack and the racing, is one to die for. The car weighs much less than most of its competitors but with the 903bhp it is hence called “The Widowmaker”

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