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  1. McLaren P1 GTR thrashed by Martin Brundle

McLaren P1 GTR thrashed by Martin Brundle

21st April 2016

Spoiler Alert: No literal thrashing. Ya we know. A little disappointment we know but wait till you watch the video. After assumption is the mother of all… you know! The Beautiful and Bright McLaren P1 GTR gets reviewed in a way like never ever. Hence Thrashed! The McLaren P1 has been the most talked about since ages. It’s connection to F1 and it’s own greatness have been a matter of discussion among the car enthusiasts for like forever. But of course, The more the merrier. The more we can dig into the this beauty and the more we can gather information on this beast the merrier it is for us and all the car enthusiasts in the world. So let’s all do this social service and watch the video as soon as possible. More like RIGHT NOW!

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