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  1. 2015 SEMA Show Highlights

2015 SEMA Show Highlights

31st March 2016

“For the car enthusiasts, this is the car Mecca!”. Yes, that is exactly what SEMA Show is about. They further go on to say that it isn’t about what you should do but about what you can do. The SEMA show tests your limits as a car brand and your ambitions as an audience. As crazy as it can get, as mind blowing is it can feel, SEMA is all the adjectives one can ever think of. The adrenaline rush goes way above your height and way way above your bearable altitude. The cars, the brands, the people, it all leaves you in a haze. The must die for is the SEMA garage. If you haven’t seen how they bring the dead out of their grave, then you haven’t seen anything at all. And if you think this is nothing but over exaggeration then you haven’t seen the video.

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