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  1. This Howling Mazda RX-2 Is A Killer Bee

This Howling Mazda RX-2 Is A Killer Bee

10th March 2016

“In Australia, you’ve got several options; cricket, you have football, you have cars, and my dad was a car racer back in the day. So I was fairly blessed as a kid—I got to spend a lot of time at the race track” says Jason Humble. When asked about the Mazda RX-2 he says, “It’s a real genuine take on what what the car should have been in the day…..We’re the little car that could…or would like to, We race pretty hard, we race door handle to door handle…I don’t think it’s fair to the car to be expected to be perfect all the time. I’m starting to now embrace embrace the fact it might have a battle scar or two.” This Mazda, the Killer Bee is definitely a warrior. Humble found it in Japan and restored it in no time hence he proudly flaunts the warrior scars of his brave beauty!

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