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BIG BOY TOYZ is the right stop when you wish to sell your Used Porsche to the right hands. Porsche has been shaping the way of sports cars in the market of India and the world beyond over years and the grip has been firm and efficient so far. On the road, the Porsche only got faster and dynamic that influences both the personal and professional life of a being. Such an influential sporty car attracts more eyes than expected and it had since BBT sold in large numbers Used Porsche Car models like Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera. The market was blown when we hit maximum sales through Porsche Cayman. Courage changes everything and Porsche lives by that term.  Porsche, the brand itself is a cut-throat competition to other same range luxury cars like Mercedes-AMG GT, Jaguar F-type, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, the list is never-ending. BIG BOY TOYZ is here to make what you desire to happen.



The world outside is in rage to own a second-hand Porsche because the name itself portrays a paranormal presence in the road that burns the souls of viewers who long to own one. A change is easy but to make a Porsche happen it is one in a hundred. BIG BOY TOYZ solves that problem of selling your USED Porsche easily and quickly and it is the reason why BBT is India’s No. 1 Used Car dealer. For Porsche and BBT: there is no substitute. We authorize, we verify, we offer, we maintain: the light of your Porsche is just well taken care of!

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    Best offer
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BBT used car purchase criteria

  • No Accidental History
    No Accidental History
  • No litigations
    No litigations
  • No Odometer Tampering
    No Odometer Tampering
  • National Crime Record Check
    National Crime Record
  • Model 2015 & above & KMS driven
    Model 2015 & above & KMS driven
    less than 30,000 only.
  • Service History Check
    Service History
  • Insurance History Check
    Insurance History
  • Physical Evaluation
    Physical Evaluation

Used Porsche in India

We all live in a country where owning a car is the dig of a fortune and when it is a Porsche, it is a state of mind. It accelerates from 0-100km/hr in 5.5 secs and has an RPM range maximum power between 5400-6400r/min. It can be a sporty saloon or an athletic hunk or road monster, your Porsche is going to blend in with your personality and BIG BOY TOYZ is offering a Used Porsche in India: that is a lot.

 Pre-Owned Porsche in India

You can have a Pre-Owned Porsche with amazing deals and prices and life gets much better after that. BIG BOY TOYZ is ready to let happiness hit you hard on the face and will make sure that it stays for a very long time. Get yourself a pre-owned Porsche today, an opportunity of a lifetime with easy-going pocket expenses. India is changing its choice of cars and it is time you blend in to fetch the colors of a fine Porsche at your garage.

How to sell your Used Cars

At BBT, we strive to provide the quickest and most hassle free car selling service available. Getting a great deal on your vehicle can often be tricky, that’s why at Big Boys Toyz we’ll value your vehicle based on its condition and current market value.

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