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  1. Want to Customize your Car? 7 Studios you Need to Check Out Now!

Want to Customize your Car? 7 Studios you Need to Check Out Now!

16th December 2016
Want to Customize your Car? 7 Studios you Need to Check Out Now!

Ok, everyone can’t buy a Ferrari or a Lambo. But that doesn’t mean that your wheels can’t be as eye-popping and ear blasting as these luxury supercars. Doesn’t matter if you own a 2005 Alto or 2012 BMW 3 series, there is good chance that you can opt for some customization on your car.

And there is a lot to choose from when it comes to customizing your car. For music lovers, there is always a need to upgrade to a better audio setup, with the right speakers, base tubes and player. For the hyper connected ones, it's important to have their iPhone's, iPad's connected and synced, USB/Bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted controls and other such OEM integrations. The speed lovers can up-the-ante by getting performance enhancements done with power boosters, better tyres, lights and brake systems. One can transform their cars by getting really swanky interior and exterior customisations.

If you have the monies and passion, then there are some amazing studios aka custom body shops across India that are doing a really great job of completely transforming a car. Let's get down to it then.

Mkraft, Mumbai

M-Kraft Design is a Mumbai-based outfit that deal in all things gasoline. It is really famous for its awe-inspiring paint jobs. Owned by Danny bhai, the place is old school workshop doing various car customization jobs and works on all types of customization projects.

Mkraft-Toyota-Supra source MKRAFT

Autopsyche, Gurugram

Autopsyche is a custom body shop garage based out of Gurugram. Founded in 2004 by Arush Vohra, it does great custom builds for sports and performance enhancement jobs. It does style a car as well but it is more famous for the performance builds. Most of its fabrication is done in-house so it has full control of the design of your car.

Autopsyche-Cruze source -Autopsyche

Speedfreaks, Chennai

Speedfreak is team of engineers down south in Chennai who take great pride and care in pimping your car. From audio installation to performance enhancements to OEM integrations, the Speedfreaks is one stop shop for all your car dreams.

the Speedfreaks is one stop shop for all your car dreams source -Speedfreaks

DC Designs

DC is a name that everyone in India thinks of when talking about car customizations. Famous and in business for almost over three decades, DC design has shops across India and is undeniably India’s most famous place for getting your car pimped. It has even launched its own supercar called Avanti. Headed by Dilip Chhabria, DC is famous for having its cars featured in movies and leaving mark on every Indian kid's auto dreams.

DC-Avanti source -Google

Tutu Dhawan, Delhi

Tutu Dhawan is a senior gentleman, famous for doing car restorations and being a renowned name in the Indian automotive industry. He is not into doing custom jobs on any oddball car but mainly work car restorations of old legendary cars. If you have an old Jaguar that belongs to your grandfather and you want to restore it back to its glory, then Tutu Dhawan is the man you want to meet. Even Shah Rukh khan has got one of his cars restored from Tutu Dhawan, so you can imagine how sought after he is. These restorations take a lot of time to do so if you are in hurry, then it’s not the place for you!

Tutu-Dhawan-Austin-Healey source -Team-BHP/Tutu Dhawan

Motormind, Bengaluru

Based out of Bengaluru, Motormind is the best place for customizing your car in Karnataka. Body Wraps, Body Kits, Bespoke interiors and even performance realistic prototypes, the team has everything a petrolhead can think of. And its vinyl wraps are to die for. Don’t believe me, see below:

Motormind-Cruze source - Motormind

Performance Auto, Noida

Noida a major hub for automotive enthusiasts, always manages to have something nice up its sleeve. One such outfit is Performance Auto, which’s main forte is to enhance your car, specifically for races and rallies. It does other jobs too, like fabrication, metal design, paint jobs, mechanical repairs and styling. However, the petrolheads here are hardcore racing car lovers changing simple cars into beasts.

Performance-Auto source -Performance Auto


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