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  1. The Mafias amongst Hypercars

The Mafias amongst Hypercars

04th April 2016
The Mafias amongst Hypercars

Hypercars themselves are some kind of god amongst the cars of the same league. They are much talked about and even more admired. While to some they seem ‘a bit over the top’ and ‘over board’ but to many Hypercars are mysterious and have a some kind of air of ambiguity around them despite the jaw dropping specifications each has. This may be attributed to the fact that Hypercars as a term is relatively latest in the history of automobile. But over the period of time all of us have come to attribute immense horsepower, mind blowing specs and out of this world performance with Hypercars.

The Pagani’s and The Bugatti’s of this world have become synonyms for the term ‘Hypercar’ and recently we saw Lamborghini stepping up the game by venturing into this line of cars in the Geneva Motor Show. But the question still remains that even after seeing and knowing the Ferrari’s, Pagani’s and Bugatti’s of the world, have we known all the Hypercars that exist? Well as much as we wouldn’t want it to, the answer is a NO. The most badass Hypercars, The underdogs or the The Mafias, as we call them, are yet undiscovered as the other heroes of their league. We oblige you with a list of such badass Mafia Hypercars in this article, after all they deserve the much needed attention and we deserve the much needed information.

The Devel Sixteen

The Devel Sixteen Source:

The name says it all. It’s a sheer devil of a car or should we say Hypercar. Devel, as we know, is a Dubai based company and Dubai, as everyone knows, is known for its extravagant love for luxury which surely sees no boundaries or limitations. The Devel Sixteen is definitely the Mafia amongst hypercars. This isn’t a question but a statement and if someone dare ask why then the straightforward answer is 5000 bhp. YES! No need to pop those eyes out in amazement. 5000 bhp is the what this Devil Devel has. Although being the car enthusiast you are, you must have guessed but let’s just put it right in front that to support the exceptionally mind blowing 5000 bhp’s this beast has a V16 engine. All in all, other than the lack of adjectives to describe this beast, everything is far more than perfect!

Laraki Epitome

Laraki Epitome Source:

Starting their legacy from Morocco, Yes that dreamy beautiful city, Laraki automobiles has come a long way. Popularly known as the ultimate brand that built out-of-this-world-extraordinary Yacht. As it is Yacht make us go all dreamy and bring out the traveller that lies low inside us and here they are making the world's best luxurious Yachts. This fact itself defines that there isn’t any need to question their luxury quotient. Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2013 saw the launch of Laraki’s Epitome. One look at the Epitome and it leaves you wondering where have you seen something similar. There is a lot of discussion that this beauty somewhat resemble a “Batmobile and a plane” combined together. Whosoever it resembles, it sure is a one hell of a Hypercar.

Mazzanti Evantra

Mazzanti Evantra Source:

We know it is a Supercar and we know this article is all about Hypercars but the mention of this beauty was essential. Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli the forefathers of this Luxury car company, established the entire empire in the year 2000. Sounds recent hence why it has been undermined up until now. Only produced in very limited number; somewhere around five units per year, This Evantra the hypercar from Mazzanti is definitely one of the rarest and one of the most desirable Hypercar. Many aren’t aware that Evantra is a tailor made hypercar by Mazzanti. It’s hyper and exclusive in all the sense one could make of.



The Mafias Hypercars

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