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  1. The Audi A6 – Your Introduction to the World of Luxury

The Audi A6 – Your Introduction to the World of Luxury

14th January 2016
The Audi A6 – Your Introduction to the World of Luxury

The very mention of 'luxury cars' immediately brings to mind a few names – Mercedes-Benz, BMW and the Audi. The mere mention of these names is sufficient to make a car lover drool at the thought of at least driving one, if not actually owning one. Of these, Audi provides a good introduction to the world of luxury cars. Some entry level Audi's are sufficiently affordable, that today's upcoming executives and business people can certainly consider owning one.

Let us start with Audi A6, which an upper middle-class family could stretch themselves to own, and which is still clearly a car in the LUXURY segment.

The Audi A6 has been around for a little over 20 years. That is not to say it is an old model. It has not always been called the A6, and has gone through several 'avatars' so to speak. It is somewhere in the middle of the Audi stable, which has been immensely popular all over the world.

The A6 fits into the sports sedan category of a 'mid-size luxury car'. It is a dependable workhorse but is also relatively sporty in terms of power. It has earned a name for itself by winning several awards, many of them several times. It has been a favorite rally car, topping the list of several industry ratings.

The Audi A6 is available in several variants. Essentially, the different variants sport engines of differing power. You can get A6 with either a petrol engine or a diesel one. The engine capacity could range from slightly under 2.0 liters to over 3.0 liters. In terms of transmission, several options are available – right from 6-speed manual to 8-speed automatic, to continuously variable transmission. However, all options may not be available in every model.

Every part and feature of the Audi A6 spells luxury, of course, as compared to an ordinary car. There are far more luxurious AUDIs available, as we will soon see.

Though it is called 'mid-size', on the roads it looks big in comparison to most other cars. Correspondingly, it sports a roomy interior. The rear compartment can accommodate 3 passengers comfortably, who can sit without rubbing elbows with the neighbor. In terms of legroom space, the A6 lives up to its promise of luxury. The Audi A6 passengers can stretch their legs in comfort. The luxobarge is available in several eye-catching colors. The effect of which is achieved by 4-coats of paint.

The standard headlights use modern LED technology and produce lighting which is helpful to both – the driver and the oncoming vehicles. These headlights consume less power and are long-lasting. Optionally Audi A6 also offers Matrix LED headlights that are controlled by an intelligent lighting system. This enables control of individual components of the LED lights. The light distribution system ensures that the headlights do not dazzle the oncoming vehicles by throwing their full force in front. The light thrown from the sedan is distributed around the oncoming vehicles, making navigation easier.

The rear LED lights, the indicator lights, and the interior lights are too in sync with the headlight systems. The indicators produce an intelligent pattern that clearly indicates the way the car is turning. The interior lighting goes to enhance the ambiance and assists the passengers.

The front seats are electrically adjustable. The driver's seat can be adjusted for height and reach. In fact, even the headrests are electrically adjustable. These adjustments are memorized, so that you do not spend time adjusting them again and again. There is an armrest in the centre of the front seat, which is foldable and also has a roomy storage space. The rear seat can be fully or partially folded, to provide more ROOM in the rear luggage storage compartment.

The car comes with the option of either a turbocharged TDI engine or a TFSI engine. The TFSI engine in particular – turbo fuel stratified injection – promotes higher power, better fuel efficiency and less fuel emissions. These engines can produce as much as 15% more power than their pioneers. These engines might have a lesser cubic capacity, but that makes for an engine that is lighter in weight and smaller in size. This does not mean, in any way, that the engine is less powerful or less dynamic.

Audi A6 uses the adaptive drive technology that adjusts the driving characteristics of the car at the touch of a button, so that when you drive, it can provide a more balanced and comfortable ride while your teenage son can adjust it to be sportier.

The dashboard of this powerful beast is enough to make any geek drool. A6 sports Audi's MMI or multi-media interface, which provides a touch controlled navigation panel. The MMI is integrated with 3D maps that make going to new places a breeze. Your phone can be connected to the MMI via Bluetooth so that communicating on the move is child's play. You can make or receive calls or receive calls from the MMI. You can store your contacts on the MMI, and call them with a mere touch, or you can key in new numbers on the touch-pad.

The Audi A6 comes with manually adjusted sun-blinds for the rear door windows, whereas for the rear windscreen, the blinds are electrically adjustable. The air-conditioning in the vehicle can be adjusted individually for each half of the front and rear compartments, providing a high degree of personalized comfort for each occupant of the car.

The A6 gives you all you may want in the area of entertainment – a radio, a CD player, provision for 2 memory cards, ability to play directly from the memory cards and so on. The rear seats are also pre-wired to accommodate additional entertainment equipment.

In terms of safety, the luxurious sedan leaves nothing to be desired. It has front and rear airbags and also side air-bags to avoid any injury. The Audi A6 sports an electronically controlled air-suspension system that automatically adjusts the vehicle height. This makes for a smoother ride.

Perhaps, one could go on and on about the features of the A6, as those who have driven this killer beauty know that there is no end its praise story. The introduction to Audi A6 will surely have kindled your desire to be its proud owner. Why not take the next step, and call a dealer for a test drive today?


Audi A6

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