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  1. Supercars Who?

Supercars Who?

19th April 2016
Supercars Who?

Yes with a heavy heart and a head bowed down, we accept we have a been just little biased towards car enthusiasts. Okay! When it has to come to the point where we are accepting, let's just say we have been a lot biased towards car enthusiasts. We know how tremendously hurt, confused and dazed the newbies in the car lover's gang felt. So here we are making up for it. Yes! You peeps out there trying to find their way through supercars, hypercars, Bhp's and torques, we have something for your.

Usually in a very enthusiastic tone, we are either busy describing a latest Supercar/Hypercar or busy giving analogies as to why it's the best. But here we are today to break things into their smallest form. Here we are to tell you the best Supercars of the world every newbie in car crazy gang must know.

PS: This article should be treated as your alma mater. Everything you learn here will help you grow your interest in supercars and understand in depth the level of crazy love all car enthusiasts have for the same.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB Source:

If someone asks you about your dream car and all that you can say is "I love Ferrari" and then you reply with only "ya ya's" to high-end specs that your friend is telling about; you definitely need to continue reading further. They say it is one of the best and the most stunning supercars ever. Launched on 3rd of February, 2015, Ferrari 488 GTB has been a worldwide hit ever since. A mind blowing 661 Horsepower, what could one ask for other than this? And then after all it is FERRARI! Sure just the name itself is enough to make you go all weak in the knees. The specs are just few things that make it a great car. Since you are a newbie, all that you need to know is that it is god among all the supercars.

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan Source:

For people who don't really know in depth about supercars, Lamborghini and Ferrari are like synonyms for fast cars. Yes Lamborghini is fast indeed, but it is definitely much more and definitely not a synonym for Ferrari *Rivalry Alert*. Huracan is really like a Hurricane when it rolls down the road. Its sound itself gives everyone around a "supercar on the way" warning. A massive beast is what you can call it. It is like a devil with angel's wings. 600 horsepower is among other things that make it one of the best supercars.

PS: check out head to head races with other supercars to know the real power of this beauty.

Bugatti Veyron La Finale

Bugatti Veyron La Finale Source:

If supercars had a country of their own then Bugatti would have been their President in every single term. Yes it is that good. One look at it and you know it's one hundred percent true. The ever Veyron to be built was this La Finale. Why we haven't posted the Veyron but it's last car to be produced is because we wanted to show the best of bests. And my friends, La Finale was definitely the best of all Veyrons. As famously quoted "It's a pack of 1000 horses under the hood", This Veyron version is definitely the one you should dream, breathe and live and also buy a poster and paste it on your wall.




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