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  1. On a Fancy trip with the BMW i8's at Big Boy Toyz

On a Fancy trip with the BMW i8's at Big Boy Toyz

21st February 2019
On a Fancy trip with the BMW i8's at Big Boy Toyz

An early on motivation to do a thorough analytical expedition to gain a superlative hold on the attributes of the genius Bavarian super car that has a hybrid underpinning…. This one took the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show by a storm.

Why a sudden spurt of curious delving from your side?

Oops, the latter part of the first sentence!!
We are prepared for your repetitive questions then involving the BMW i8.

So First up, it’s a Hybrid Supercar that sees the amalgamation of an energetic 1.5 3 cylinder inline petrol engine located at the back and an electric motor placed at the front.

The Total output is 362 PS combining both the specimens.
And a 2, 6 Step Tronic Transmission!
Well this can be remembered and presenting to you some more interesting numbers and facts:-
1. The i8 gives a mileage of 47.45 km/l (Competition any)
2. Pure electric range of 37 km along with a top speed of 120km/h

Don’t hold back….
THE REAL is 250 km/h
3. An overly impressive 600 km of cruising range in the ECO PRO mode alone.

4. The i8 is an all- wheel drive with a 50:50 weight distribution (BMW’s mastery skills)
Were you aware that the engine used in i8 is a tad modified version of the one found in the MINI COOPER?
Ok, so the same family connection springs up once again.

We at Big Boy Toyz were wondering if you choose from amongst one of our many preowned and new i8’s, how exactly would you be perceived?
Many meaning the largest actually! (No limitations on colors as well)

Living with a future machine OR perhaps giving the impression of driving a state of the art concept vehicle when viewed from a distance. It has it to turn the heads for sure!

And BBT’s exotic hovering will be at the forefront to bring in additional recognition.

Don’t be in a heap of startles if your beloved i8 has a record of past celebrity owning.
That’s Big Boy Toyz’s singular attribute to offer you the uncommon.

i8’s tech savvy and sumptuous interior is a holistic imbibing of modern notions.
In form and functionality to be more precise!
Mentioning the differential aspect now….
PRE OWNED doesn’t exactly look PRE OWNED …..If you would have glanced carefully at the odometer readings of BBT’s i8s!
We know you are short of options to headhunt the right i8 for yourself so that’s why our wisdom prompted us to be two steps ahead of everyone in procuring the best quality and extremely less kilometer driven BMW i8s from across India.
Add this
Taking center stage at our three locations in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai!!
From the start till the end, did we mention about the biggest takeaway?
Big Boy Toyz’s i8s are retailed in a spectacular and own zone pricing range of between 1.09 crores to 1.25 crores. (Market price is in the upward region of 2.50 crores)
It’s a fact & gospel truth.
Not done for the day…

We’ll feel privileged and honored to explain to you the wide advantageous pricing gap over a cup of coffee once you grace our exotic supercar destination.

Already in line to formulate the epic ownership tryst….future planning aplomb from our side!

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